Jan 19

Brantingham Training Session #1 (15-01-11)

The weather at last permitted us to get started with the Saturday afternoon training; all traces of the ice that prevailed up to last week was gone. In spite of the strong wind we still had a good turnout and were able to establish three separate groups.

Group one consisted of Tony Goundry, Mark Ollerenshaw, ,Dean Fulstow, Chris Daddy, Richard Moore, Karl Downes and Steven Guymer.


In group to were Peter Lynas, Glen Harrison, Neil Dean, Craig Medcalf, Matthew Enticknap, Simon Smith, Paul Hickman, Lee Watson and Gary Knowles.


Another nine made up group three who were Tom MacDonald, Ben Ives, Nick Coupland, Rob Busby, Jodie Brumhead, Chris Goodway, Victoria Hood, Dave Betts and Paul Campbell.


In addition Simon Pickering took his son around the course.


The blustery wind made it ideal to practice echeloning techniques and the group stayed together fairly well, the lap times being much quicker than we expected, perhaps due to the southerly wind helping along the finishing straight toward Brantingham.


Lap times were clocked as:


Group OneGroup TwoGroup Three
Lap 16.156.366.52
Lap 25.416.046.08
Lap 35.275.585.56
Lap 45.475.526.19
Lap 55.355.486.44
Lap 65.345.496.38
Lap 75.415.486.33
Lap 85.155.40

Total time for group one, eight laps, was 45.15 and group two was 47.35. Group three, who were passed by group one, managed seven laps in 45.10, not a bad effort when everyone is trying to find their fitness from last year. It may be a bit easier to define the groups next week.


Thanks to the marshals Terry Grainger, Gil Foston, Barry Trotter, Sheila Sampson and the evergreen Don Wilkinson.


Jim Sampson and Richard Guymer