Jan 28

Brantingham Saturday Jan 22

Another good turn out and we were able to manage four groups this week, although group two was a bit larger than I would recommend.

Group One comprised Steven Guymer, Simon Smith, Richard Moore, Peter F Smith, Paul Noton, Mark Ollerenshaw, Karl Downes and Chris Daddy.

Group Two wasTony Goundry, Steve Macklin, Peter Lynas, Paul Hickman, Neil Dean, Matthew Enticknap, Mark Hancock, Lee Watson, Glen Harrison, Gary Knowles, Dean Fulstow and Craig Medcalf.

Group Three contained Tom MacDonald, Stuart Fletcher, Rob Busby, Mark Walker, Jodie Brumhead, Chris Goodway, Brad Palmer, Ben Ives and Andy Carroll.

In group Four we had Victoria Hoods, Steve Green, Nick Coupland, Martin Waite, Dave Millson, Dave Betts and Ben Waite.

Sorry if I’ve got your name wrong or got you in the wrong group, I haven’t got to be able to recognise everyone yet. As expected groups three and four broke up fairly early but they were still left with a decent nucleus. Group two stayed together well but there were quite a few not able to contribute at the front. Training is about finding what you can sustain and there’s no disgrace in being shot off after you’ve done a hard bit at the front. If you find yourself on your own you can either drop back to a slower group or turn around and meet your group back again on another lap. If you’re on your own because you’ve gone off the front then you’re in the wrong group. If you want to try out your strength then do it on the last two laps.

Lap times were:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4aGroup 4b
Lap One6.186.306.157.207.20
Lap Two5.375.556.016.487.02
Lap Three5.305.505.546.327.43
Lap Four5.345.516.076.35
Lap Five5.365.515.536.45
Lap Six5.355.546.066.40
Lap Seven5.555.446.096.45
Lap Eight5.275.555.456.46
Lap Nine5.385.495.406.39
Lap Ten5.105.38

I’d like to be able to split that group two up into two separate groups, hopefully we can do that next week.

Once again we’d like to thank Gil Foston, Mandy Dean, Don Wilkinson and Sheila Sampson for marshalling, we need to be particularly careful at the Ellerker Road cross roads, and not to swing out before entering the finishing straight.

Photos are located in the gallery

Jim and Richard