Jan 30

Brantingham Saturday, Jan 29

Thirty four riders joined in today, a very cold day but much drier than previous weeks.

Group One comprised Steve Guymer, Peter Fielding-Smith, Nathan Wilson, Simon Smith, Karl Downes, Mike Moss, Richard Moore and Paul Noton.

Group Two was Paul Hickman, Matthew Enticknap, Peter Lynas, Steve Macklin, Glenn Harrison, Dean Fulstow, Tony Goundry and Paul Noble

Group Three contained Paul Campbell, Mark Walker, Dave Betts, Andy Carroll, Phil McCormick, Lee Coulson, Dave Millson and Chris Goodway.

In group Four we had Simon Pickering, Vicky Hoods, Rob Busby, Mike Beadle, Stuart Fletcher, Tom Macdonald, Dave Watson, Tony Patterson, Gerry Lumb? (I think) and one more.

Group One, as usual, lapped fairly consistently, a little surge when they caught group four and then a final effort on the last lap. Some riders in group four managed to hang on for a time but this broke their group up a bit, perhaps the stronger ones should go up to a faster group. One little hiccup was when group three caught group four on lap seven – I think they were better organised. I understand that some are not quite acquainted on how best to do bit and bit – you should come off the front on the side being affected by the wind so that you can easily tuck in the back to recover for your next turn. There should be common agreement which side this is and everybody do the same. If you can’t do your next turn because you haven’t recovered from the last one it’s ok to miss but if you can’t come through again you’re in the wrong group. Training is about pushing yourself and finding what levels of effort you can sustain; get to know yourselves. Push yourself a little into the red but make sure you can recover enough to stay with the group, doing little bits like this increases your power. Get a feel for what you can do and use it in the rest of your training plans.

Lap times were:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Lap One5.476.086.056.30
Lap Two5.485.525.556.30
Lap Three5.415.585.506.36
Lap Four5.466.085.546.06
Lap Five5.405.485.515.30
Lap Six5.306.095.546.00
Lap Seven5.416.056.00
Lap Eight5.246.085.57
Lap Nine5.536.135.55
Lap Ten5.145.575.26


Thanks again to Don Wilkinson, Sheila Sampson and Barry Trotter for marshalling. Next week is a Sproatley, hope to see you all there again; pictures can be viewed in the gallery.

Jim and Richard