Feb 10

Training at Sproatley 1

Fortunately the wind eased down a little on Saturday, Friday and Sunday were gale force and it would have been more like riding in Flanders than somewhere in East Yorkshire. Some might like that but it would probably drastically reduce numbers.

Group One comprised Mark Ollerenshaw, Jason Young, Simon Smith, Charles Goodway, Lee Watson, Pete Fielding-Smith, Karl Downes and Chris Daddy.

Group Two was Andy Carroll, Steve Macklin, Chris Goodway, Mark Walker, Stuart Fletcher, Glenn Harrison,and Rob Busby.Group Three contained Tony Patterson, Paul Noble, Steve Coates, Jodie Brumhead, Tom MacDonald, and Phil Eden.

In group Four we had Vicky Hoods, Nick Fairfield, Jacqui Kor, Mark Robinson, Billy Robinson and Dave Betts.

I see Andy Carroll perhaps was making a guest appearance before he goes to Liverpool; how much of that £35m are you able to keep Andy?

This course is a bit longer than Brantingham. 2.7 miles, and we cut down the number of laps accordingly. Nevertheless the pace was good in each of the groups and we finished a bit earlier than anticipated, a good thing perhaps as the rain came down a bit in the last couple of laps.

Groups stayed well together, in the first group was Charles Goodway, Chris’s son, who can ride a fast 10 but was a little out of practice and not able to stay there – that’s soon remedies with another go next week. With Mark Robinson looking after group four, the most difficult because of the differences in ability and experience, Dave Betts went off in the wrong group here, son Billy had had enough after six laps, and for Jacqui experiencing her first real bike training, needs to practice and not be afraid getting round the corners. That’s usually the biggest problem for novices.

Lap times were:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Lap One7.117.157.508.19
Lap Two6.347.007.487.47
Lap Three6.217.037.428.11
Lap Four6.247.027.308.05
Lap Five6.366.567.437.44
Lap Six6.346.507.36.7.08
Lap Seven6.227.086.566.51
Lap Eight6.006.35

Thanks again to Don Wilkinson, Sheila Sampson, Terry Grainger, Vic Moody, Cheryl and Nick Ashdown for helping to steer you around safely. Next week is again at Sproatley..

Jim and Richard