Feb 13

Training at Sproatley, 12th Feb., 2011

A really great turnout for the second of the training sessions on the Sproatley circuit, 38 in all and good for the day. After the rain the sun, they say, but here we were left with puddles which, fortunately were drying out nicely by the finish. And it was fast; whether because there wasn’t so much wind or because the season is virtually on us, the tempo was high and one seasoned vet said he thought it was getting harder. Nine laps, for the scratch groups, was certainly enough to feel the effect.

Group One comprised Karl Downes, Steve Guymer, Mark Ollerenshaw, Dave Shackleton, Jason Young, Mike Moss, Simon Smith, Chris Daddy, Richard Moore and Andy Faichney.

Group Two was Steve Macklin, Brad Palmer, Glen Harrison, Mark Robinson, Phil Eden, Tony Goundry, Mark Walker, Andy Carroll, Chris Goodway, Lee Coulson, Peter Lynas, plus three others I’ve got to recognise yet.

Group Three contained Phil McCormack, James Westmoreland, Tony Patterson, John Savage, Dave Betts and Jodie Brumhead.

In group Four we had Neil Prendergast, Stuart Wadsworth, Victoria Hoods, Jacqui Kor, Dawn Bowness, Vic Moody, Steve and Oenna Hodgins..

I think group two was too big and maybe group three could have done with a bit more help – this latter group started too fast on the first ‘chat’ lap and broke it in half. For those who don’t know, the system is that you go fairly steady the first lap (you should be able to chat to each other) and then in subsequent laps you go as fast as you can keeping everyone together, taking regular little turns at the front. If you can’t keep doing ‘turns’ or if that after half way you could easily ride away from the others then you would be in the wrong group for your ability. It’s ok to flex your muscles in the last one or two circuits but there are no winners, well, perhaps everyone’s a winner. Training is about pushing yourself and racing is about getting to the line first or recording the fastest time.

One more bit of advice is that you should stay together in your own group when the faster groups overtake you. What happens if you all try to hang on is that you’ll get spat out one by one and finish on your own – it’s all about group training, wheel sucking is no benefit to training unless you’re doing around 40mph behind a motor.

It’s really good to see so many new faces and I apologise for not being able to recognise everyone. Many are Barracuda Tri-athletes and they’re very welcome, especially the girls. I always find that when there are girls involved, more of the males seem to come out of the woodwork. Anyway, they all are doing well and the progress they are making is quite evident.

Lap times were:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Lap One7.
Lap Two6.316.407.058.01
Lap Three6.446.427.157.17
Lap Four6.016.427.126.59
Lap Five6.266.427.217.28
Lap Six6.216.357.167.57
Lap Seven6.146.507.087.46
Lap Eight6.286.507.06
Lap Nine6.006.42

Thanks again to Don Wilkinson, Sheila Sampson, Terry Grainger, and Mick Adams for helping to steer you around safely. Two more weeks left at Sproatley..

Jim and Richard