Feb 20

Training at Sproatley, 19th Feb 2011

RAIN DID NOT STOP PLAY. Surprisingly we had 17 riders turn up this Saturday afternoon in spite of the wet conditions and a certain drenching from rain which wasn’t going to cease and had been falling consistently all day. Pools of water hiding potholes was a hazard but everything went well – well, maybe a few bikes would need cleaning afterwards.

Group One comprised Mark Ollerenshaw, Jason Young, Rob Busby, Dave Shackleton and Mark Walker.

Group Two was Mark Fairfield, Tony Patterson, Tom MacDonald, Steve Coates, Ben Ives, Andy Carroll, Phil Eden, Victoria Hoods and one other I failed to recognise (again)..

.Group Three was just John Savage with Martin and Ben Waite.

Because of the reduced numbers we settled on eight laps as there was obviously a greater mix of abilities in the three groups.

Lap times were:

Group 1BuzzerGroup 2Group 3
Lap One7.317.317.3810.12
Lap Two6.476.477.289.32
Lap Three7.227.227.34
Lap Four6.247.337.20
Lap Five6.407.407.25
Lap Six6.458.077.23
Lap Seven6.508.007.22
Lap Eight6.207.306.53

Mark Walker was a little out of sorts in group one and went back to two after a couple of laps. Wearing glasses is a bit of a problem in these conditions but they do protect your eyes from the grit and shit that gets thrown up; better to be safe. Jason also had a problem and called it a day after three laps, whilst young Buzzer wasn’t able to stay the pace with Shack, he time trialled well enough to keep group two at bay throughout. Mark Ollerenshaw showed a lot of strength riding with Shack and they stayed together until the last lap when Mark conceded only 2o seconds over the closing miles.

Victoria was unfortunately unable to stay with group two and she’s the only one to attend all the sessions up to now. This group stayed mostly together and rode very consistently. Group three was mainly to look after young Ben and get him into the feel of it; he was quite unperturbed by the conditions. I think most who went round had a good workout and seemed to enjoy it in a sadistic kind of way.

Thanks again to Sheila Sampson, Terry Grainger, and Mick Adams for helping to steer you around safely, especially to Mick who got his car stuck in the mud at the junction near Burton Constable and had to get assistance from the farm there. Next week, at Sproatley, is the last one and I hope the weather is better than this week. Don’t forget to look at the pictures in the gallery.

Jim and Richard