Feb 26

Sproatley Training, 26th February, 2011

“Pity this is the last of the training sessions,” was a remark I overheard, and it seems from the thanks we received that all have enjoyed the sessions in spite of the bad weather. Apart from one or two years I missed in the eighties I’ve been getting these session together since 1970 and I think that this is the first year that we didn’t have a day with decent weather. We’ve had worse days, I remember one when it snowed heavily and only two riders survived, one was Derek Roe – that I remember well as they were like snowmen on bikes. There were 28 on the circuit today, four more new ones, which shows me that 72 different riders have joined in these meetings this year.

Group One comprised Paul Noton, Peter Fielding Smith, Ryan MacLachlan, Mark Ollerenshaw, Simon Smith, Richard Moore, Mike Moss and Stuart Fletcher.

Group Two was Peter Lynas, Phil McCormick, Ben Ives, Mark Walker, Steve Macklin, Andy Carroll, and Tony Goundry

Group Three was Brad Palmer, Neil Dean, Gerry Lumb, Tom MacDonald, Steve Coates, Tony Patterson and John Savage.

Bringing up the rear in Group Four was Nicky Moore, Mandy Dean, Vic Moody, Jacqui Ker, Alex Purcell and James Bray

With the wind from the north and rain clouds threatening we decided on ten laps; well, it was the last one this year.

Lap times were:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Lap One6.507.107.268.42
Lap Two6.256.507.148.04
Lap Three6.327.017.148.08
Lap Four6.337.057.118.05
Lap Five6.457.037.188.27
Lap Six6.
Lap Seven6.366.577.388.00
Lap Eight6.397.036.50
Lap Nine6.446.586.45
Lap Ten6.257.02

Times were pretty consistent as usual and the groups generally stayed together. We hope you’ve gained a little fitness and technique from these sessions and thank you all for your support, it’s very useful when a good group can get together to share the training. We hope also that you enjoy your riding through the year and, hopefully, some success in the future.

Thanks again to Sheila Sampson, Terry Grainger, and Mick Adams for helping to steer you around safely, and to Barry and Gil and Don who helped in earlier weeks.

Jim and Richard