Mar 27

Event 1 – Lockington – Saturday 26th March

Sponsored by We LOVE Mountains.com

10 mile TT Saturday 26th March 2011

The club trial season got of to a great start on Saturday with a bumper turn out of riders and a new course record. Jason Young powered round a revised Lockington circuit in a stunning 22.20 to set a record that I reckon will take some beating. Both the start and finish have been moved to make the course exactly 10 miles, which just shows you don’t need a drag strip to set fast time.

Although the warm and sunny weather of earlier in the week had deteriorated it was still a great day for racing even if a little cold. The wind wasn’t too strong but more importantly was from the east, which was more help than hindrance on the first two legs and only became problematic in the last mile or two to the finish. In my opinion it was one of the best days we have raced on this circuit and it certainly made a change to the usual conditions when a westerly wind makes the leg into Lockington like riding through treacle. It remains to be seen if in warmer summer weather this time can be betteredJason’s time was 37 seconds quicker than second quickest rider Ben Ives (who was riding a private entry) leaving Nick Coupland to take second spot a further 9 seconds in arrears. Nick has certainly upped his performance since last year and looks like he could produce a winning ride if he can maintain this form.

Mark McKeown proved his coaching knowledge is more than theoretical and put it to good use to claim third place with teammate and series newcomer Steve Coates close behind. Although series sponsors We Love Mountains riders took five of the top six places they crucially missed out on the top spot and will surely be looking to close the gap to Jason in the coming months.

Nathan Wilson was in 5th place, closely followed by Steve Macklin, Simon Pickering and Dave Betts. First HTRC riders were Tony Patterson, Mark Dicconson, Paul Campbell and myself all finishing with 30 seconds of each other.

In total 32 riders raced which for so early in the season bodes well for the rest of the year. It was also encouraging that of the riders listed to ride everyone turned up with no DNFs (which must be another first) and I would request that everyone maintains this standard and keep me informed (by email or text if they have to withdraw (even if its at the last minute) as it makes my job as organiser and the time keepers jobs so much simpler

It was also very encouraging to see 4 ladies riding the event and with 3 more currently entered into the series some close and exciting racing is expected. Dawn Bowness took the victory with a time of 30.17 with Sarah close behind, and Jacqui and Alex a bit further adrift but only separated by a handful of seconds. We also had Edwin and Billy racing with us again and both produced good times

45 riders have entered the series so far making it the best entry since the series began 10 years ago and demonstrating the increased popularity cycling is currently enjoying and the signs for the rest of the season are encouraging to say the least

Event 2 is at Sproatley next week and is a 14 mile 2 up TTT – watch this space to see who comes out on top

Results sheet

RiderTIME@PointsAverage speed
Jason Young22:205026.87
Nick Coupland23:0600:464725.97
Mark McKeown23:3301:134525.48
Steve Coates23:5301:334425.12
Nathan Wilson24:0001:404325.00
Steve Macklin24:1901:594224.67
Simon Pickering24:2402:044124.59
Tony Patterson24:4802:284024.19
Mark Dicconson24:5102:313924.14
Paul Campbell25:0602:463823.90
Paul Kilvington25:1502:553723.76
Mark Robinson25:2703:073623.58
Mark Walker25:3903:193523.39
Andy Carroll25:4303:233423.33
Steve Green25:4703:273323.27
Simon Jack25:5803:383223.11
Tim White26:1103:513122.92
Phillip Eden26:1803:583022.81
John Savage26:4904:292922.37
Stuart Fletcher27:2105:012821.94
Dave Millson27:4705:272721.60
Andy Abbott27:5905:392621.44
Andrew Watson28:0805:482521.33
Dawn Bowness30:1707:575019.81
Edwin Abbott30:5108:314719.45
Sarah Carpenter31:1108:514519.24
Billy Robinson32:0609:464418.69
Jacqui Ker32:4510:254318.32
Alex Purcell32:5010:304218.27
Private entries
Ben Ives22:5700:37026.14
Dave Betts24:4502:25024.24
Andy Kirk27:3405:14021.77
Martin Wait28:4006:20020.93