Apr 13

Event 3 – Weedley Mast – Tuesday 12th April

Result for event 3 the ultra quick 5 mile prologue held on Tuesday 12th April 2011

Jason Young once again decimated the opposition with a 21 second beating of the rest of the field on a cold but fast night at Weedley. Tony Goundry was best of the rest with with many riders separated by one second gaps. At one point Jason was clocked at 52 mph (through the dip before the Rowley turn off) but somewhat surprisingly was still 10 seconds of Paul Purdy’s course record of 8 mins 30 seconds set the first year the event was held. Good to see so many riders out – lets hope this enthusiasm continues for the rest of the season


PositionRiderTIME@PointsAve Speed
1Jason Young08:4000:005034.6
2Tony Goundry09:0100:214733.3
3Steve Coates09:0200:224533.2
4Mark Ollernshaw09:0400:244433.1
5Mark McKeown09:0500:254333.0
6Nick Coupland09:0700:274232.9
7Mark Dicconson09:1200:324132.6
8Nathan Wilson09:2100:414032.1
9Tony Patterson09:2300:433932.0
10Simon Pickering09:2400:443831.9
11John Savage09:2600:463731.8
12Paul Noble09:2800:483631.7
13Paul Campbell09:3600:563431.3
14Andy Carroll09:3600:563531.3
15Neil Dean00:09:3900:593331.1
16James Godfrey00:09:4401:043230.8
17Steve Green00:09:4401:043130.8
18Lee Coulson00:09:4501:053030.8
19Phillip Eden00:09:4601:062930.7
20Simon Jack00:09:4701:072830.7
21Andy Abbott00:09:4901:092730.6
22Dave Millson00:10:1201:322629.4
23Mike Kilgour00:10:1601:362529.2
24Stuart Fletcher00:10:1801:382429.1
25Emma Barraclough00:10:4002:005028.1
26Edwin Abbott00:10:5502:154727.5
27Dawn Bowness00:11:0702:274527.0
Private entries
1David Brearley00:09:0800:49032.8
2Tom MacDonald00:09:2901:34031.6
3Phil Savage00:10:1401:46029.3
4Steve Kilgour00:10:2604:21028.8
5Joel Green00:13:0104:21023.0