Apr 20

Event 4 – Etton – Tuesday 19 April

A brilliant nights racing at Etton resulted in a dead heat in the mens 3 lap event with Jason Young and Steve Guymer tied on 30.40 and a 5 second victory for Dawn in the Ladies 2 lap event. The weather was once again very kind with warm temperatures and very little wind (although once racing I bet it was blowing an absolute gale – if I know cyclists). The racing was very close throughout the field and both the mens and ladies fields were closely packed.

Result for Etton Time Trial 19/4/2011
Positionrider nameTIME@PointsAve Speed
1=Steven Guymer30:4000:005026.4
1=Jason Young30:4000:005026.4
3Nathan Wilson30:4900:094526.3
4Nick Coupland30:5000:104426.3
5Ben Ives31:0400:244326.1
6Mark McKeown31:5501:154225.4
7Tony Goundry32:0101:214125.3
8Steve Coates32:0601:264025.2
9Simon Pickering32:1701:373925.1
10Steve Macklin32:2001:403825.1
11Mark Walker32:5602:163724.6
12Paul Campbell33:2502:453624.2
13Mark Dicconson33:2702:473524.2
14Tony Patterson33:3202:523424.2
15Paul Noble33:4803:083324.0
16Dave Betts34:0703:273223.7
17Andy Carroll34:2203:423123.6
18Steve Green34:5004:103023.3
19James Godfrey34:5904:192923.2
20John Savage36:1005:302822.4
21Dave Millson36:1205:322722.4
22Andrew Watson37:3806:582621.5
Ladies 2 Laps
Positionrider nameTIME@PointsAve Speed
1Dawn Bowness00:25:245021.3
2Emma Barraclough00:25:2900:054721.2
3Victoria Hood00:25:4400:204521.0
4Amanda Dean00:26:1700:534420.5
5Sarah Carpenter00:26:5301:294320.1
6Jacqui Ker00:28:0102:394219.3
Private entries
Positionrider nameTIME@PointsAve Speed
1Daren Smith00:31:0100:00:21026.1
2Craig Scaife00:34:0300:03:23023.8
3Andy Kirk00:35:3700:04:57022.7
4Phil Savage00:38:1200:07:32021.2