Apr 30

Road Race League 2011 – Event 1

Ben Ives of We Love Mountains RT won the first event of the 2011 Road Race League at Sproatley after a strong solo attack with around two and a half miles to go. Groups one, two and three joined together on the last lap after group three had worked well together in the blustery conditions to close the 5 minutes to the front of the race.

With a bit of indecision at the front of the bunch, the We Love Mountains team took the initiative and sent Ives up the road just before Sproatley. A chase did get organised, but it was too late and Ives took the chequered flag with about 10 seconds in hand. John Hopper kept the spectators at the finish entertained with a big victory salute for second place, a few lengths in front of Paul Rymer. The fast boys in groups 4 and 5 were only 30 seconds adrift, after being slowed by a bus in Sproatley. The Wilson’s Wibbly Wobbly Wheelers didnt figure in the result, but it’s such a wonderful club name I had to include them.

1st Ben Ives

2nd John Hopper

3rd Paul Rymer

4th Brad Palmer

5th Mark Robinson

6th Paul Waddington

7th Theo Brumhead

8th Tony Goundry

9th Nick Coupland

10th Chris Hutchinson