May 16

Road Race League 2011 – Event 2

Scoring what is, I think, is the team’s first win, Nathan Wilson of Wilsons Wheels RT came in alone to take the second RR League at Little Weighton, a little way ahead of Richard Moore, with Chris Daddy taking the sprint from the remaining three members of the break.


Rob Stones led group one away from the start (he’s 65 you know, you wouldn’t believe it would you,and just in case you forget, hes got the number on his back) and along with Gerry Lumb soon blew out the rest of their group. Sorry guys, you are way too strong for group 1.


Group 2 were somewhat disorganised as usual,with more of a sort of race amongst there selves than any cohesive effort to stay away. At least that was what a couple of group 2 members said.


Group 3 failed to match there sterling efforts in race 1,and despite nearly everyone working,never really got up to speed. They were also distracted by one group member who was complaining that he was at numerical disadvantage in the group as he was the only team member there. I believe he has missed the point in a race such as this,however he will be in group 2 next time to prevent further earache.


Groups 4 and 5 really got down to it however and soon reeled in the slackers in front of them. With half distance covered only Rob(65) and Gerry Lumb remained off the front.


An attack from Chris Daddy at the radio mast formed the breakaway and they stayed clear with Nathan then Richard jumping clear with a few miles to go. Lewis Jackson took the bunch sprint for 6th place from Steve Swales,only just edging past Rob and Gerry, who had done well to hang out there for so long. The finish was marred by a crash involving Paul Rymer from VC Beverley. After an enquiry by the judges in to the incident John Brearley was disqualified from the race and barred from the rest of the series.


1st Nathan Wilson
2nd Richard Moore
3rd Chris Daddy
4th Dave Shackleton
5th Steve Guymer
6th Lewis Jackson
7th Steve Swales
8th Dave Brearley
9th Rob Stones
10th Gerry Lumb