Jul 07

Veterans in Vic Sutton Race at Warter

There’s only one word to describe this event which took place in the heart of the East Yorkshire Wolds; MAGNIFICENT. Conditions were perfect; little wind, blue skies, a course fit to hold a championship on and three separate races each with a story to tell.

Organiser Dean Fulstow received 100 entries altogether, 16 dns and  17 dnf. There were one or two punctures. The race started half way up the climb from Warter village, about 15 miles east of York, in bright sunshine, a climb which, along with the heat, was to be decisive in the outcome of the races.

The ABs were first to start and after a lap a group of 6 had a lead of half a minute. They were Richard Moore, Paul Bell, Richard Binks, John Hall, John Askew and Giles Didmore. Another lap and they had lost Askew but were joined by Neil Beasley and Andy Eagers and the gap to the main bunch was just over 50 seconds. After three laps it was still Moore, Didcock, Beasley, Hall and Bell in the lead, now 1’ 35”  from the next group, 13 of them, who were themselves 2 minutes up on another group of 8 riders.  The leading group were reduced to four at the end of lap four, Didcock slipping out the back on the climb and struggling 20 seconds behind. The peloton were stretched out two and a half minutes behind the leaders, now coming up in single file – the TV commentators would have said that they were now trying hard. They were Culpin, Brooks, Sparnon, Mustill, Askew, Baker, Johnson, Ellis, Malik, Hopkinson, Fulstow, Tayles and Gammelin.

Richard Binks proved the strongest at the finish with a comfortable margin of 5 or 6 lengths from Andy Eagers and Neil Beasley. Richard Moore was another two or three lengths behind, a good performance after his efforts in a criterium in Cottingham the previous evening (where he finished 2nd beaten only by half a wheel behind Jake Tanner). Paul Bell trailed behind not contesting having given his all on the lower slopes. John Hall led the rest of the pack in, having closed the gap down to half a minute.

John Askew told me that the ABs started very fast, the first lap in 25:23, but the CDs went around the course even faster, 15: 18. They were well stretched out though, with Paul Stubbs, Rob Whitfield, John Manning and Paul Wakefield driving hard with about a quarter of a minute to Dave Scargill and the rest. On the second lap a dozen riders were clear by half a minute. Led by Rob Whitfield they were, Stubbs, Thomas, Middleton, Hadfield, Hill, Davison, Wakefield, Easton and a couple of others with Ray Pugh hanging for dear life on the back.. Half a dozen riders were at half a minute, then the rest of the field stretched over three or four minutes.

At the end of lap three ten riders had got themselves organised. They were Paul Stubbs, Phil Thomas, Paul Wakefield, Steve Marrows, Keith Middleton, Gaz Hill, Rob Whitfield, John Hadfield, John Manning and Fred Easton. Tony May and Gert Gammelin were a minute and a half behind, with the rest of the field a further two minutes in arrears.

It was between Paul Stubbs and Steve Marrows at the finish, a close one with Stubbsy coming across first. Phil Thomas and Keith Middleton vied for 3rd place, the older (and wiser?) proving dominant. Then was Paul Wakefield and the rest, all within spitting distance.

Perhaps the riders in group EFG were a little more caution on the first lap, apart from the climb which is a real body blow, there’s a risky 50 mph descent around the back of the course, they all came up reasonably together after the first lap, led by Rob Stones and Allan Ramsay. Pacing yourself, I believe it’s called. The lap time was 28: 58.

Things were a bit different on the bell lap, a group of five had a 20 second lead over the finish line. They were Rob Stones, Brian Sunter, Allan Ramsey, Keith McKay and Richard Booth and it looked like the winners were coming from this lot. Ray Brummitt, Jack Watson, Alistair Cameron, Dave Maughan, Ken Corbett and John Elliot were the ones chasing and the rest were a further quarter of a minute behind.

It looked like Richard Booth had a problem around the course on the last lap as Allan Ramsey, taking advantage from Rob Stones’ attack on the climb, sailed past Rob at the finish, or would have if he hadn’t been going uphill. Keith McKay and Brian Sunter were close behind, with the rest of the bunch, led by Ken Corbett, were nearly two minutes down.

Vic Sutton’s wife Shirley, presenting the prizes and a plaque to each winner, reminded the AB riders that they weren’t born when Vic took 29th place overall in the Tour de France in 1959. Vic would certainly have enjoyed this event today

Jim Sampson

EFG Finishers

1Allan RamseyRoad PeaceE6201:23:45
2Rob StonesHull Thursday RCF65s.t.
3Keith McKayVC YorkE60@ 5 secs
4Brian SunterCondor CCF68@ 12 secs
5Kenneth CorbettWakefield CCE60@ 1′ 48″
6Jack WatsonTeam Jewson MI Racing ThuleG74@ 1′ 53
7Dave MaughhanMiddridge CRTE62s.t.
8Ray BrummittVC LincolnE63@ 1′ 57
8John ElliottAlford WheelersF67@ 1′ 59″
10John GinleyCondor Road ClubF68@ 2′ 03″
11Alistar CameronLeeds Mercury RTE60@ 2′ 06
12John BustonCycling Bargins.comE61@ 2′ 55″
13Ralph WalkerMacclesfield WheelersG73s.t.
14Jeff HardyLVRCF67@ 3′ 06″
15Richard BoothMidridge CRTF65@ 3′ 20″
16Jim MorrisonSacrborough ParagonG70@ 5′ 36″


CD Finishers

1Paul StubbsFerryhill WheelersC5001:44:30
2Steven MarrowsLindsey Roads CCC50s.t.
3Phil ThomasLiverpool Mercury DolanD55@ 13 secs
4Keith MiddletonVC LincolnC52s.t.
5Paul WakefieldLindsey Roads CCC52@ 28 secs
6John ManningDrby MercuryD56@ 37 secs
7Robert WhitfieldR Whitfield RTC54@ 54 secs
8Fred EastonDoncaster WheelersC50@ 1′ 46″
9John HadfieldRutland CCC54s.t.
10Gaz HillDinnington  RCD57@ 4′ 18″
11Tony MayLVRCC52@ 4′ 44″
12Brian DavisonTeam Jewson MI Racing ThuleD56@ 5′ 00″
13Dave ScargillBirdwell WheelersD57@ 6′ 20″
14Mark ColcloughSleadford Wheelers/Chandlers MitsubishiC52s.t.
15Phil EvansCoventry RCC54s.t.
16Michael O’CallaghanLeeds Mercury RTC51@ 9′ 08″
17Ray PughLiverpool Mercury DolanC54@ 10′ 15″
18Paul WebsterDinnington  RCC52s.t.
19Andy CoatesC54s.t.
20Neil FosterHartlepool CCC50@ 10′ 40″
21Bob TyrrellDursley CCD55s.t.
22Steve CollinsWakefield CCC54s.t.
23Anthony JonesFeatherstone Road clubC52@ 10′ 59″


AB Finishers

1Richard BinksHolme Valley WheelersB4602:11:06
2Andy EagersDerby Mercury RCB48s.t.
3Neil BeasleyBeeston RCA40s.t.
4Richard MooreStar Bikes RTA44s.t.
5Paul BellPeak Road ClubA42s.t.
6John HallLVRCB48@ 28 secs
7Patrick LinceLindsey Roads CCA44@ 36 secs
8Stu BakerLindsey Roads CCB49s.t.
9John AskewA44s.t.
10Tim CulpinVC LincolnB47s.t.
11Carl MustillFerryhill WheekersA42s.t.
12Stephen EllisOut the Saddle CCB46s.t.
13Martin HopkinsonFietsen TempoB49s.t.
14Owen SparnonB45s.t.
15Richard TaylesSaddleworth ClarionA44s.t.
16Cameron BrooksA43s.t.
17Gert GammelinA43s.t.
18Richard MalirIkkley CCB46@ 1′ 11″
19Kenny JohnsonScienceinsport.comB46s.t.
20Giles DidcockA44@ 1′ 21″
21Garry FulstowWilson Wheels RTB48@ 1′ 31`”
22Richard DouthwaiteClifton CCA41@ 5′ 34″
23Mick PerrinAshford RCB52s.t.
24Tony GoundryCliff Pratts RTA40s.t.
25Tim DaltonEast Coast BicyclesB48s.t.
26Tim WalkerLVRCB49@ 6′ 10″
27Tim JacksonA41@ 6′ 34″
28Rogan AshtonLVRCA41@ 9′ 38″