Sep 04

The Albert Thorpe Memorial Australian Pursuit

The Albert Thorpe Memorial Australian Pursuit, organised under LVRC, took place on Sunday 4th September 2011 at Braithwell. The race was over 11 laps of a 3.7 mile circuit (40 miles).

Well Done Mark Robinson, who finished in 2nd Place.

The C-D category riders set off 3 mins before the A-B riders and managed to keep the lead throughout. Tony Goundry in the A-Bs spent a lot of time on the front and was frustrated that riders were not taking a turn; whilst Neil reported that, after their first lap, most of the C-D group were talking a turn which no doubt led to the C-Ds keeping their lead.

The race finish saw Mark Robinson in 2nd place, Neil Dean in 9th place and Steve Macklin not too far behind with the A-Bs catching the C-D group just as they reached the finish line.

Mark collects his prize

Thanks to Amanda Dean for timing the gaps between the C-D and A-B groups, and yelling the time every lap.

The C-D group went off followed 3 mins later by the A-B group. After the first lap the gap had shrunk to 2mins 20s. But the C-Ds got organised and lost nothing on laps 2 and 3. On laps 4 to 6 they lost 10s each time bringing the gap to 1min 50s. The A-Bs then dug in and gained 20s per lap for the next 3 laps followed by 15s gain which left 35s to catch the C-Ds on the final lap. This turned out to be a few seconds too much.