Nov 05

Event 12 – Gilberdyke – Tuesday 9th August

Results sheet for Phillips Cup (handicap award)-Gilberdyke Circuit


Another great turnout and a course record on a night when fast times looked unlikely. Ben Ives smashed the course record last night on a blustery night but despite the wind he clocked the first sub 17 minute time around the pan flat Gilberdyke circuit beating Jason Young’s course record by 12 seconds. Behind Ben, Nathan Wilson was the best of the rest with Jason just 4 seconds in arrears.

On arriving at the start I thought it was going to be one of those nights when it’s hard everywhere and a real effort trying to maintain a good pace. However when warming up I rode the full circuit and was surprised to find that it was actually quite quick and the last leg that I thought was into the wind was not too badly affected.

Great to see 3 new juniors plus a juvenile taking part with Joe Rainey getting the best time but Alex was only 1 second behind but is only 14 – great ride and shows promise for the future. Lisa Pickering was the quickest lady with Emma taking the points in the series.

Several riders were baulked by the farm machinery taking advantage of the dry weather to harvest their crops. The driving standards are very poor however (to say the least) and I witnessed two who refused to slow down or give way and arguing with a huge combine is not a wise move. As a result when faced with an oncoming tractor whilst racing I took the safe option and took to the grass cyclo-cross style to avoid slowing down. I didn’t lose too much time and managed a personal best to boot!

Ben Ives16:5600:0050
Nathan Wilson17:1400:1847
Jason Young17:1800:2245
Nick Coupland17:2700:3144
Neil Cleminshaw17:5000:5443
Lee Coulson18:2301:2742
Steve Macklin18:3101:3541
Mark McKeown18:4201:4640
Simon Jack18:4301:4739
Paul Kilvington18:5201:5638
Paul Campbell19:0102:0537
Simon Pickering19:0502:0936
Andy Carroll19:3302:3735
Neil Dean19:4402:4834
Andy Abbott20:0903:1333
Mike Kilgour20:1803:2232
Andrew Watson20:3803:4231
Phillip Eden20:5103:5530
Steve Coates21:0904:1329
Emma Barraclough21:4404:4850
Amanda Dean21:4604:5047
Edwin Abbott21:5905:0345
Jacqui Ker24:0207:0644
Private entries
Dave Betts18:1101:150
John Askew18:1201:160
Adam Jordan19:1002:140
Joe Rainey20:2703:310
Alex Dalton20:2803:320
Jacob Trotter20:3503:390
Lisa Pickering20:5003:540
Brian Pollock22:5505:590
Tom Elliot31:2514:290