Apr 10

Seacroft Road Race – Welcome to British Summer Time

This is a very popular race organised by Seacroft Wheelers. So popular they put two races on this year, 3rd/4th cats in the morning and 2nd/3rd/4th cats in the afternoon.

Mark Walker, Andy Carroll and Neil Dean represented Hull Thursday with Andy only getting a ride late on after previously being rejected. His excitement was dulled a fraction when he found out that the ride was in the afternoon race.

Conditions were dry for the morning race with the temperature just above freezing accompanied by a relatively light easterly wind. Considering recent weather this was pretty good.

There was a neutralised start from the HQ for the 2 mile ride to the circuit. It was a 9:30am start which, as the clocks had gone forward an hour that night, meant that some people were still asleep. The usual jostling for position near the front nearly ended in pandemonium as the lead car took the peloton and all the support vehicles out of the village on the wrong road. All the cars, motor bikes and riders had to do a 180 degree about turn and set off once again, this time in the right direction.

Once on the circuit the racing kicked off without mishap. Mark and Neil were comfortable sitting in the group, but consequently missed the moves on the third lap where three riders got clear and stayed away for the rest of the race. Things in the bunch began to kick off on the last lap so Mark and Neil moved to the front where Mark got away all too briefly with another rider. As expected, it ended in a bunch sprint for minor places with Mark and Neil finishing together about 30th.

The 3rd/4th race was won by Jonathan Wolff (Sheffrec CC), followed by Paul Allen (Dinnington RC) and Tony Grassby (Peak RC).

In the afternoon race the pace was high with attacks from the start. Andy found this race a bit too interesting and will make sure he gets in the 3rd/4th race next year. The 2nd/3rd/4th race was won by Richard Moore (Squadra RT), followed by Dean Parkes (Clay Cross RT) and Dominic Smith (Retford and District Wheelers).