Jul 24

Club road race training sessions

As Road Race Secretary for Hull Thursday Road Club I’m hoping to introduce a more organised approach to road racing. At present we have only a select few members who participate in road racing and those who do tend to race as an individual as opposed to with a club.

I’m hoping to introduce a series of training sessions at the back end of the year in a bid to encourage more members who want to race to do so and develop a close-knit racing team within the club for the 2014 season. From speaking to a few members I’ve received positive feedback over the idea and it will hopefully bring about improved performances for both the riders involved and the club.

I’m aiming to start things off on the first Saturday morning in October by running the first training session. We’ll run these sessions each Saturday morning of the month up until Jim’s training rides start in January. Once Jim’s rides have finished and lighter nights appear we’ll perhaps continue these sessions on a night throughout the week, depending if people are still interested to do so. It would be great if we could have this as a permanent fixture within the club. These sessions are going to be fairly informal, so paperwork and insurance details would not be required. They would take a similar format to the Sunday club runs where a group of us would meet and ride only with more specific training included.

The sessions will be designed to improve the various qualities of each rider such as sprinting, climbing, cornering and an increased top-end required for racing. It’s also a good opportunity to introduce people to one another and installing a bit of competition within the group so as to push them further. We’d want this to be a team open to all regardless of ability.

For those who have purchased a British Cycling/TLI License for 2014, we’ll try and inform them of upcoming races that other club members are participating in throughout the year so as to have a team in place to try and pick up some decent results. We can also perhaps organise transport via a form of a car share to and from races. From experience it’s much better/enjoyable to travel with a fellow club member than to do so on your own. The introduction of the incentive scheme will hopefully increase numbers of club members purchasing British Cycling/TLI Licenses.

More information regarding the sessions will be agreed nearer to the time and published here on the HTRC website.

If anyone requires any information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mark Walker
HTRC Road Race Secretary
Email: road@htrc.co.uk
Tel: 07443 490112

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  1. Website Editor

    Mark, this is a great idea, thanks. I’d be up for this if I thought I could keep up! Chris

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