Oct 02

Trevor takes second overall in Fife Open TT League

Our very own ‘Caledonian Concorde’, Jim Trevor competed in the 22nd and last event of the Fife Cycling Association TT League, 2013 and comfortably secured second place overall in the series, as well as second position in the Top Division A.

Coincidentally, Jim took second place in the last event which was a 1 mile straight TT, from a standing start, just outside the old mining village of Thornton, Fife.

Reigning champion Rab Carson (Team Leslie Bike Shop) retook the title as overall champion for the second season in succession after failing to secure the title in 2011 when he was involved in a serious racing accident that left him with a broken skull and unable to complete the series. Rab has been dominant over the last two seasons winning 66% of the events he has competed in. Rab’s losses were in hill climbs, won by 8 stone hill specialists, otherwise it took wild card competitors such as Arthur Doyle (multiple winner of Scottish National 10 and 25 TT Championships), Silas Goldsworthy (Scottish Commonwealth Cycling Team member) and Jamie Kennedy (Scottish Veteran Road Race Champion) to only narrowly beat Rab. Such TT superstars of Scotland could not fulfill the commitment of Rab and race 18 of the 21 events (one was cancelled due to the weather).


Jim Trevor (HTRC) and reigning champion Rab Carson (Team Leslie Bike Shop)

Jim Trevor (HTRC) and reigning champion Rab Carson (Team Leslie Bike Shop)

With pride, we can say one of the only other competitors to beat Rab on his home patch of Fife is our own TT specialist, Jim Trevor, who managed to pull out of the Yorkshire-produced human engine enough speed to win the last of the flat time trials before the hill climbs, to put Rab into an unusual second place. Jim beat Rab to win the 19th Open TT event by 13 seconds to everyone’s surprise who was at the event. Jim had also won the 18th Open TT event, whist Rab was on his summer week holiday, beating competitors from Galashields, Perth, Dundee and Edinburgh as well as the local Fife racing community.

In order to take the second place overall in the league series as well as Division A, our own Thursday veteran accrued the total points necessary with 2 wins, 2 second places, 3 third places, 4 fourth places as well as the remaining scoring ride being a fifth place. Jim completed 17 of the maximum 18 scoring rides lacking a team mate for the 2-up event held in mid-May. The average fields for the midweek events is around 50 riders, with more turning up for the 25s and 10s than the hilly TTs and circuit TTs, as you’d expect.

Jim was pleased with his second Hill Climb effort up the notorious ‘Purrin Den’ which climbs 220metres (720 ft) over 1.3 miles (2.1 km) in which he finished 6th place. The Hill climb doubled up as the Fife HC championship so attracted several road racers trying to take the Fife HC championship. Purrin Den which scales the Falkland Hill averages 1:10, which is quite difficult over the 2.1km. Jonny Graham (Team Right Move Windows) comfortably won the event with a 8.02 effort, with Jim clocking 8.47 for the sixth place missing 5th place by 3 seconds with only 11 of the 30 field managing to beat the 10 minute mark. Weighing near to 12st, as well as being a veteran, Jim was pleasantly surprised with the sixth place.

Below are the final league tables produced for the 2013 series.
FCA Midweek TT 2013 A-League (PDF 27kb opens in a new window)

FCA Midweek TT Final League Positions (Word 557kb opens in a new window)