Nov 11

HTRC Training Ride #6 – Alternative Report

For HTRC Training Ride #6 we were treated a decent Autumn morning with temperatures low and a turnout of eleven hardy souls lycrad to the hilt ready for another of Mark Walker’s training rides.



The ride set off in good time (09:30 AM) with a steady pace, the pace was interrupted just before Newbald for our first puncture of the day, Will riding on Conti Gatorskins had been punctured again, I’d like to have said the group rallied round but the few hundred meters between the group and Will seemed too far for most, a good job the official photographer was at hand to go back and assist.


After a steady loop out to Broomfleet and back to Brantingham we were treated to a beautiful view of the Brantingham side of the Wolds, and as we began the ascent of Elloughton Dale Autumn was showing all of it’s copper and gold’s in tree line at the beginning of the climb. Mark Walker was quick to attack the climb, Danny ‘The Dannibal’ Posnett, Mike McAllister and rest of group (apologies for ‘rest of group’ I didn’t have the energy to look back), Mark sailed up the climb whilst ‘The Dannibal’ kept a good pace. Mike Mc was looking to attack and waited for the moment and then forgot he was riding a continental-configured bike (first outing) with standard gearing (when used to spinning a “Sky” high cadence) was left in the ‘Dannibal’s’ tracks near the top of the climb (I hope there were enough excuses by Mike McAllister there).


The group reconvened at the Riplingham/Elloughton junction where another photo session was carried out, Andy modelled his lycra in a very “Hulk” like fashion next to the road signs. We heard Chris had punctured and he’d sent a message telling us to not wait (what a gent), there was a bout of guilt in the group which lasted a full Nanosecond (that’s around 1/1000,000,000 of a second) (Chris this is an exaggeration and we deliberated a lot longer, maybe 2 Nanoseconds) and so we carried on to do a couple of loops of the Little Weighton RR circuit.



Two groups split by around 100m set off on the circuit and things were looking pretty good, however the front group started to drop riders and things started to get a little organic. Mark W set off to sort the front group out and Shaun took charge of keeping the second group. As a member of the second group I found the increase in vocals “Keep it smooth” and the bait of the front group and the increase in pace pretty exhilarating and great fun, although another circuit at that pace would have seen the legs fall off. Another photo session was held when we stopped, we then had a steady ride back to Skidby. Another fab session, with good banter, good weather and great cycling. Thanks everyone!


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Mike McAllister