Nov 18

HTRC Road Race Training Ride #7 – ** Alternative **

Alternative (part) Pantomime-themed report.  Seeing as it’s nearly pantomime season I thought I’d try and weave the theme into the report.

1 - Pre-ride focus

Before the group group setup things looked pretty focussed for the session.

2 Zip up ready to go

Neil proudly zipped up his HTRC ready for the off, though he was feeling a little peckish, unfortunately for Will.

3 No, it cannot be my turn to feed Neil

Will screamed “No! It cannot be my turn to feed Neil.”

4 Oh yes it can

Neil grinned “Oh yes it can”.

5 Feeding time thanks Will
Will went through the drill and fed Neil his banana (this is a bit of a lie as the finger poking the banana rightly belongs to Neil’s better half) but this report is meant to be a bit of fun.

6 Smart Bev Velo Clobber

Smart Beverley Velo clobber was displayed, though I’m a little unsure about the matching glasses the shade of blue doesn’t quite match the top, not a bad effort though.

7 PreRide Post breakfast food top up

Andy tops up his breakfast before setting off.

8 Dave W first puncture of the day

After hitting a crater-sized pot hole, the first puncture of the day reared it’s ugly head.

9 Dave W busy at work fixing puncture

Dave W soon busied himself repairing the puncture, assisted (AGAIN) by the official photographer and Neil D. Things wouldn’t have been so bad but Neil started telling us about the size of a fish he’d caught recently (again this is a complete fib but it helps set up the next picture without any innuendo).


Neil tells us the fish was this big…

10 Whilst Neil tells us a fishing story ahem

11 George doing a poor Greipel Gorrila celebration
A tough sprint at the end of the two loops of the Etton RR circuit began by George doing a poor Greipel Gorilla celebration…

12 Andy celebrating rider of the day
Andy celebrating rider of the day.  Well done Andy!  An inspiration to all of us and everyone!

13 Dave W celebrating fxing his puncture
Dave W celebrating fixing his puncture in record time.
14 Group rest
And finally the group came to a rest after a fine morning of Autumnal cycling.
Thanks again to everyone.


Happy Riding.
Mike McAllister