Dec 30

Road Race Training Ride #12

The twelfth and penultimate end of season HTRC training ride took place on Saturday, 21st December under sunny skies once again.

We had nine riders appear with some familiar faces and some new ones in attendance. We had, myself, Richard Guymer, Andy Carroll, The Dean team of Mandy and Neil, Matthew Johnson, Gary Knowles, local superstar Graham Morgan and Giles Proctor (we think) from London Dynamo – goes to show how popular these rides have become if we’ve got people coming from as far as London attending (not entirely the case as he was up for Christmas seeing family).


Have a look at the event photos on Flickr…


I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m struggling to find new places to go to having covered most of East Yorkshire that’s within an hour’s ride of Skidby, so for this week we decided to make up the route as we went along.

We started by heading west up through Skidby, Little Weighton and on towards Newbald. Before we started the descent into the village, Mandy headed off home. Good timing too as it was at this point that Andy and Giles decided to unleash the power. I, and a few others, got distracted and without realising it we were suddenly a few bike lengths in arrears. We eventually got back on but I’ve not had to blow the cobwebs out like that since the final race of the season, the two at the front had some serious power going on. The descent into Newbald was even faster than last week with a speed of 40mph been reached by myself trying to chase Hull’s very own Il Falco, Andy.

The roads once again were filthy and it wasn’t long before we had riders and bikes covered in a not so nice brown mixture.

After Newbald we headed in a north easterly direction climbing away from the village up towards Etton. No shenanigans here as the pace was fairly gentle. As I said earlier the skies were clear and the sun was out, all of which meant the views of the Wolds were stunning, with views up to and beyond Huggate.

Once we reached Etton we decided to cover a lap of the road race circuit and then a larger loop through South Dalton, Holme on the Wolds and then back to Etton. We also agreed to do a bit of through-and-off for this period too. Graham decided he would stay alongside with us but not partake in proceedings, as he didn’t have any mudguards and wasn’t keen on incurring the wrath of the other riders by spraying us with water. It was a bit late for that unfortunately, as with every passing mile we were getting more and more filthy.

After we’d reached Holme on the Wolds we took a left to head west again up what felt like a slight drag. The pace contradicted the gradient though as we were heading at a fair lick, working very well though.

However before the junction at the end of the straight we noticed we were a rider down. Andy’s legs were giving up on him, perhaps getting him back for his show of power at the top of Newbald, as he was a couple of hundred metres behind us. Still, it gave me the opportunity to get a quick video of him climbing up the hill back to Etton.

The wind, a common feature on our rides just recently, started to pick up, which would have been great if we were heading north but we were of course heading south. We descended into Kiplingcoates Valley and completed the last half lap of the Etton course for good measure.

Once into Etton Matthew started to dangle off the back with a bit of cramp and Giles headed off East to get a few more miles in. The rest of us went south on our now familiar route through Cherry Burton, where Matthew left us, and on towards Bishop Burton.

Andy was starting to suffer again on the hills once south of Walkington but in a remarkable change of strength he decided to attack us once he got back on and used his strong descending skills to pull away from the rest of us. We eventually pulled him back once we merged onto the cycle path back to Skidby.

After climbing up the last aching gradient up to Skidby Mill we split up and went our separate ways home having averaged around 17mph again covering a distance of a tad over 40 miles.

Next week will definitely be the last ride as the Saturday after is Jim Sampson’s training sessions.


Mark Walker
HTRC RR Secretary