Jan 06

Jim’s Training Session #1 – Brantingham

Jim Sampson and Richard Guymer’s winter training sessions started on 4th January on the Brantingham circuit…


Look at the pained expressions via our Flickr account


The new year brings out a new set of training sessions and a chance to see who’s kept his/her fitness and who’s over-indulged through the Christmas period. High winds all through the previous week and incessant rain in the Saturday morning may have put off the good intentions and new year resolutions of quite a few, but the 34 who braved the elements weren’t disappointed. In fact, it turned out much better than expected; a very light wind and only spots of rain, although it was pretty dark and dismal as you can see from the lights that some riders used.


Group one started with five, Jason Young, Mark Walker, Richard Moore, Steve Guymer and Tony Goundry, but were joined by Charlie Carruthers half way round.


Group two were Andy Carroll, Dean Fulstow, Mark Dicconson, Will Thomas, Paul Shepherd and Paul Kilvington.


Group Three consisted of Billy Robinson, Matthew Johnson, Dave Walker, Paul Noble, Paul Cairns and Shaun Nicholson.


Group Four started with Brad Palmer, Derek Palmer, Nicky Moore, Victoria Hood, Rob Hill and Barry Warren.


The remainder started together, a mixture of experienced and novice, old and young riders. These were Dave Hudson, Finlay Pickering, Les Philips, Mark Symonds, Mike Bradley, Simon Pickering, Whitney Larkin, Mike Dale, and Paddy Nolan.


Lap Times (important to see how you progressed):


 Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4MB and unknownGroup 5
Lap 16:405:276:386:387:20
Lap 25:566:106:456:156:45
Lap 35:496:076:01Joined Gp 36:016:12
Lap 45:496:406:115:566:41
Lap 55:426:086:086:036:57
Lap 66:046:066:036:016:34
Lap 75:356:076:145:596:35
Lap 85:275:365:485:59


The groups progressed and stayed together very well for the first session when the groups are difficult to sort on abilities although groups 3 and 4 merged quite early making it quite a big group in which to work. Ideally when a merge like this takes place early it would be better to split again into two small groups because what happens is that half the group work and the other half hang on. Don’t forget it’s the workload that makes you fitter and stronger and these are only training sessions so you reap the rewards.


Thanks to Mandy Dean, Terry Jackson, Jill Bradley, Neil Prendergast, Gary Fulstow and Les Barratt for making it safe for everyone and to Sheila for helping Richard and me.


Jim Sampson