Jan 16

HTRC Club Run on Sunday 12 January

After the recent AGM, club run leader Rich Guymer made it clear he would like to see more HTRC riders attending on a Sunday. So with the recent formation of our race team what better way to improve stamina than a lengthy ride through the East Yorkshire lanes?

However, we thought we would come to regret our decision to attend, as there hard been a very hard frost over night leading to roads and paths covered and my neighbours thermometer read minus 5. Yet once I was out away from my street, and after meeting with local hard men Will Thomas and George Leighton around Willerby, the roads didn’t seem too bad. It wasn’t until we got past Ramada Jarvis on the way out of Willerby where it got particularly bad, as between the crematorium at Cottingham and Skidby Mill itself, we only had one section of tarmac that wasn’t white. We kind of looked at each other on the way out as if to say ‘are we hard or just stupid’.

Anyway we got there without falling off, which was an achievement in itself, to find that fellow club members Andy Carroll and Rich Dean had gathered, ready for the off using various techniques to keep warm. Rich turned up along with our web editor Chris Brown which gave us 7 riders. Just as we were about to leave, local superstar Steve Guymer paid us a visit to say that it was far too dangerous to go out and that he was heading home. It must be bad for someone like Steve, who lets little prevent him from getting out, to turn round and head home.

Too late now though as we’d committed to the task on hand and we headed off along the main road between Skidby and Beverley sometimes coming perilously close to large parts of ice at the side. The sun was out at least but that provided little comfort as the wind chill factor must have brought the temperature down to about minus 10. My hands and toes were starting to sting with the cold and we’d only just hit Beverley.

After sticking to the main roads we carried on North up towards Bainton. It was about here where I’d started to crave a natural break (I needed a wee to be less polite) so I parked up, did my thing, and went off in hot pursuit of the others. It took a while to catch them up though, as with the misty conditions I couldn’t see them in the distance and at one point I thought I’d lost them. I eventually re-found them coming out of Tibthorpe.

After Wetwang we headed off to Fimber and at this point I was feeling rather racy – still filled with adrenaline from trying to get back on earlier. I’d split the pack up unintentionally on the flat road to the roundabout at the bottom of Fimber and then decided to do a set of intervals on the way to the café stop at Fridaythorpe knowing warmth and food weren’t far away. The others weren’t far behind though, first Will, then George, Rich G and Rich D and quickly followed by the Thursday twins of Andy and Chris.

After a well deserved rest and a load of tea and sandwiches, we headed back out in the cold, down the road we’d come through past Fimber and on to Sledmere. The roads were starting to clear up a bit but there was still some icy patches in places.

It was Rich G’s turn to up the ante on the climb up to Sledmere as he dragged me and Will away from the others which gave me a good opportunity to take some photos at the top of the hill.

After a fairly peaceful ride through Garton, Kirkburn and Bracken Farm, me and Will decided to up the pace a bit. One of the key themes we are trying to introduce in the club runs is to offer a faster group for those riders who want to pick up the pace and test their legs. We find it good training too, as you can make all the difference in a road race if you’ve got fresh legs at the end. We averaged about 18/19 mph on the home leg and our legs were pretty wrecked. Will made it all the way to Skidby Mill and I think his legs just about gave up on him.

By the time I’d got home we’d covered 59 miles at an average of 17mph. I’d imagine the others covered the same distance at about 15/16mph. Our goal for the faster lads is to get to the end of February by covering 75 miles at an average of 18mph, so we’re not far off.

All in all it was a top day and a big thank you to Rich Guymer for organising it. If you’re thinking of going then you should as it’s a great ride out and a great way of training for future goals.


Have a look at a couple of photos from the ride on Flickr


Mark Walker
HTRC RR Secretary