Jan 26

Jim’s Training Session #4

Brantingham, 25th January, 2014. The weather forecast for the afternoon wasn’t good but the prospects looked much better when 31 riders started the fourth training session.

Four laps were managed before the skies darkened and a deterioration in conditions was rapid and forced us to abandon after six laps. Heavy torrential rain, thunder and lightning plus a gale force squally wind disrupted progress and within minutes everyone was drenched and riding through ankle deep water; a real adventure you don’t get on a turbo trainer. Visibility became very poor, Joe Faichney broke his chain and young Callum Keegan was blown off his bike – and got back on again. Definitely an adventure which could only be enjoyed talking about afterwards.

I can only remember one day comparably as bad as this. In the early seventies I had a training session out at Sproatley with only about a dozen riders, we didn’t get the support we do now. A snow shower just after the start turned into a blizzard and the riders one by one disappeared homeward bound; except for two. One of the two I can remember was Derek Roe and neither would give in to the weather. I let them go around like pedalling snowmen whilst I watched from the interior of my car. Definitely days to remember.

I could only get four riders to start in group one, maybe last week’s pace frightened many off. These were Paul Shepherd, Pete Fielding Smith, Andy Faichney and Nick Rogers.

Group Two was Steve Macklin, Mark Dicconson, Barry Warren, Jamie Adams, Rob Hill and Andy Vaughan.

In group three were Paul Kilvington, Neil Dean, Matthew Johnson, Richard Dean, Danny Posnett, and Mike Kilgour.

Group four consisted of Joe Varga, Paul Cairns, Shaun Nicholson, Victoria Hood, Mark Rogers and Nigel Sisson.

Group five was Dave Hudson, Simon Pickering, Paddy Nolan, Callum Keenan, Finley Pickering, James Quigley, Matthew Oglesby, Harry Twitchett and Joe Faichney.

The groups kept together fairly well today, whilst it was possible. Maybe Andy Vaughan thought the easiest groups went off first and placed himself wrongly but the rest were quite compatible together.


Lap Times:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Lap 1






Lap 2






Lap 3






Lap 4






Lap 5






Lap 6




I know what it feels like to be soaking wet on my bike, in fact I was soaked to the skin just walking about as I believe all who helped were, I had to stop taking pictures as it got so bad. Please be sensible when you’re out in weather like this and don’t hang around in wet clothes and cold conditions, you must look after yourselves particularly at this time of the year. Yes, it may make a hard man of you…if you survive!

The next four weeks we’ll be using the Sproatley circuit, slightly longer so we may manage with minute intervals to start. We really need to thank the marshals who helped in these dreadful conditions: Les Barratt, Rob Stones, Dean Fulstow at Ellerker crossroads, Mark Walker and Will Thomas at Stockbridge corner and Terry Jackson at Brantingham corner. Also to Sheila for helping Richard and myself…must get back to drying all my soggy things.

Pictures were a problem today. Once the daylight disappeared my camera shutter slowed down and the rain splattered the front of my lens and I got some quite esoteric images. These would normally be deleted but they captured the real atmosphere of the day, rather like abstract paintings.

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Jim Sampson
Senior Coach