Feb 02

Jim’s Training Session #5

Thankfully a brighter day at Sproatley on Saturday 1st February, 2014, with a strong cold north-easterly wind which proved quite tortuous on this exposed course east of the city.


Conditions, you could say, to strengthen the soul as well as the legs. Conditions you would never get on a turbo-trainer; the sort that make strong riders out of the Dutch and Belgians who wean themselves on situations like this.


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In such blustery conditions we explained how important it was to work closely and stay together but the inevitable happened, of course. Groups two and three merged somewhere along the line and formed a quite workable group. Dave Hudson did a good job keep many of group four together and went around very consistently in the conditions, as did Pete Fielding-Smith and Paul Shepherd in group one. Everyone definitely had a good work-out.


Group one initially consisted of Andy Faichney, Peter Fielding-Smith, Paul Shepherd, Nick Rogers and Will Thomas. Will was definitely in the wrong group and maybe I was a little too persuasive to put him there. Nick needs some more miles in his leg but Andy did well to work with Peter and Paul for most of the session.


In group two was Jamie Adams, Mark Dicconson, Neil Dean, Mike Bradley and Nigel Sisson. Nigel was soon out of his depth in the wind and flyweight Mike was blown almost into a ditch which distanced him from the others. By the way, there’s no shame in turning around to meet your group again on the next lap if you’re settled there but get distanced for some mechanical or whatever. Mark unfortunately punctured but with only a couple of laps still to go he’d had a good work-out.


The riders in group three were Brad Palmer, Glenn Harrison, Mark Rogers, Shaun Nicholson, Barry Warren, George Leighton and Victoria Hood. George and Victoria, two more lightweights, struggled in these windy conditions and found it difficult to get shelter. This group splintered early, some getting in group two and others dropping back to group four, whilst others struggled around on their own or with various partners.


Group four was the last group, only 25 starting today, and contained Callum and Mike Dale, Richard Dearing, Paddy Hunter, Stuart Fletcher, Dave Hudson, Matthew Oglesby and John Quigley. Dave managed to keep a good group around him but they weren’t all those who he started with. Young Matthew, still a schoolboy, was easily the lightest in the whole session and he did really well.


Lap Times:


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Lap 1





Lap 2





Lap 3




Lap 4




Lap 5




Lap 6




Lap 7




Lap 8




Apart from the wind it was a fine day but there were a number of riders missing because of the Revolution Series at the Manchester Track and it seems that the circuit we have here isn’t as popular as Brantingham. Nevertheless I’d maintain it the better of the two circuits to train on, it’s definitely much safer, long enough to have longer intervals between the groups and a really good surface after they put new tarmac down on the Aldbrough Road last year.


We were well supported with marshals; Mick Adams, Terry Grainger and Neil Prendergast at the Sproatley junction, Dave Watson at the turn from the Aldbrough road, and Mandy Dean and Jill Bradley at the Burton Constable junction. Sheila, helping Richard and I, was also taking entries for her reliability ride on 2 March.


Jim Sampson
Senior Coach