Feb 16

Jim’s Training Session #7

Sproatley, 15th February, 2014. We’ve not had what I’d call a decent day for training this year. We always get at least one so maybe we’ll be lucky next week.


It had not been a good morning but at least the rain had stopped, or at least held out until the session finished, but the wind was hard, no back wind all around the course I was informed. And so it seemed.


Only twelve riders turned up and it was a little difficult sorting them out into two groups with Paul Shepherd, Jamie Adams, Nick Rogers, Steve Macklin and Matthew Oglesby starting in group one. Steve was a little off-colour and packed it in after the first lap, contemplating a stiff ride back home. Young Matthew did very well to hang on for a couple of laps before he dropped back to group two.


The remainder consigned to group two were Dave Hudson, Mike Bradley, Paul Noble, Mark Rogers, Stuart Fletcher, Richard Dearing and Victoria Hood. I thought Victoria did well to stay with this group but she did tell me that they all looked after her.


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As expected the lap times were slower than last week, at least half a minute a lap, almost certainly due to the reduced numbers and the more difficult condition, ie no respite from the wind.

Lap Times:

Group 1

Group 2

Lap 1



Lap 2



Lap 3



Lap 4



Lap 5



Lap 6



Lap 7



Lap 8





Thanks once again for the help we got from John Weaden at the Flinton corner keeping an eye out for those who swing out on the main road to take this corner without looking round. To Gill Bradley and Nick Fairfield for manning the Burton Constable T-junction and the only scrabbly bit of road near the farm there.


And thanks to Terry Grainger and Mick Adams, and also Will Thomas and George Leighton who should really have been riding but came out to help on the main T junction in Sproatley, not forgetting Sheila who helps every week with who’s there.


Next week is the last one for this year, so if you want to try it out, why not come along?


Jim Sampson
Senior Coach