Jul 31

EY Road Race League #6 – Dalton wins at Dalton!

It was a very eventful evening with 39 riders signing on for the 7 lap race around the Etton/South Dalton circuit.

The start was delayed a few minutes to find two lead cars and drivers.

The race started with 4 groups, and on the first lap, at the corner at the base of the hill, a tractor with a long trailer blocked the junction, only allowing one lead car past and all the riders in single file.

At the end of lap 2 three horses and riders panicked after group 1 came past, some riders of group 2 got past, but all other riders waited for the horses to move on as it was too dangerous.

The race was restarted on lap 4 with smaller time gaps than at the beginning. On lap 5 the race had come together and the Scratch group forcing the pace up the hill.

On lap 6 most of the Scratch group had broken clear over the line. Billy Robinson dug deep to bridge the gap to the front group.

The tractor and long trailer re-appeared on the circuit, but caused less of a problem as it travelled towards South Dalton along the back straight.

The finish was easy to judge as Alex Dalton crossed the line clear of Chris Daddy and Jacob trotter, with the rest trailing in a fragmented long line.


1st Alex Dalton Squadra RT
2nd Chris Daddy Squadra RT
3rd Jacob Trotter Squardra RT
4th Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels RT
5th Richard Moore Squadra RT
6th Billy Robinson Squadra RT
7th Julian Grommett Squadra RT
8th Nick Nettleton
9th Will Thomas Hull Thursday RC
10th Andy Hayton Squadra RT

Photos of EYRR League Event 6


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