Jul 31

Road Race League #7 – Trotter victory and Squadra top 4

On a warm sunny evening with an easterly breeze the league had its lowest amount of riders signed on to race (29).

This was due to VC Beverley marshaling and many other riders saving their legs for the forthcoming Friday night Beverley town centre races.

This race though, started with 4 groups but by the half-way point of the race all the groups had come together.

At the beginning of the final lap Richard Moore had broken clear of the bunch but he’d been caught further round the course.

Coming up to the finish line was a long line of florescent yellow of Squadra riders, with Jacob Trotter taking the win.



1st – Jacob Trotter
2nd – Chris Daddy
3rd – Alex Dalton
4th – Miles Flather
5th – Richard Moore
6th – Billy Robinson
7th – Rob Hill
8th – Rhys Barratt
9th – Neil Dean
10th – Adrian Hill

Positions Overall


The league positions with one event remaining are as follows.

Mathematically now only the top 4 can challenge each other to take the title, but it’s guaranteed to be a Squadra RT rider.


1st – Jacob Trotter 40pts

2nd – Alex Dalton 38pts

3rd – Chris Daddy 33pts

4th – Billy Robinson 32pts

5th= – Nathan Wilson 27pts

5th= – Richard Moore 27pts

7th – Rhys Barratt 21pts

8th – Danny Posnett 19pts

9th – M Beaumont 18pts

10th – Rob Hill 17pts

11th – Andy Faichney 15pts

12th – M Parker 13pts

13th= – Tony Goundry 12pts

13th= – Miles Flathers 12pts

13th= – Dave Shackleton 12pts

16th – Jason Young 11pts

17th= – Ben Roberts 10pts

17th= – S Ward 10pts

17th= – Gary Trees 10pts

20th= – B Atkinson 9pts

20th= – Adrian Hill 9pts

20th= – Lewis Jackson 9pts

20th= – Mark Ramage 9pts


Photos of EYRR League Event 7


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