Aug 11

RR League #8 – Shack attack (with results)

Elite rider Dave Shackleton (Wilson’s Wheels RT) broke away for a strong solo victory at Walkington last Thursday to round off this year’s East Yorkshire Road Race League


Walkington, the final event in this year’s series was very well attended, and everyone was eligible to race as all the marshaling duties had been completed at the past 7 events.


All the evenings marshaling was done by friends, family or club mates. 46 riders started, split into 4 groups.


Groups 2 and 3 were the first to merge mid-race, then Dave Shackleton jumped off the front of the Scratch group, passed through the 2/3 group and passed Group 1 by the line at the beginning of the last lap.


Once the first group started to climb the long drag towards High Hunsley they were joined by groups 2/3 and then by the Scratch group.


Shackleton was allowed to extend his lead as the real battle was the 4 Squadra RT riders who were still able to win the league title. It resulted in a neutralised ride to the top of the hill for the bunch.


Dave took a solo win but the bunch sprint was the very close match. Alex Dalton took second, but he needed to be two position clear of Jacob trotter to be a joint winner of the league. Unfortunately Jacob was not in the mood to share the title and finished a very close third.


Nathan Wilson and Chris Daddy challenged in 4th and 5th positions.

Result of Walkington round #8

1st – Dave Shackleton – Wilsons Wheels RT

2nd – Alex Dalton – Squadra RT

3rd – Jacob Trotter – Squadra RT

4th – Nathan Wilson – Wilsons Wheels RT

5th – Chris Daddy – Squadra RT

6th – Richard Moore – Squadra RT

7th – Miles Flather – Wilsons Wheels RT

8th – Daniel Posnett – Hull Thursday RC

9th – Steve Beales

10th – Will Thomas – Hull Thursday RC

Final 2014 League GC

1st – Jacob Trotter – Squadra RT – 48pts

2nd – Alex Dalton – Squadra RT – 47pts

3rd – Chris Daddy – Squadra RT – 39pts

4th – Nathan Wilson – Wilsons Wheels RT – 34pts

5th= – Richard Moore – Squadra RT/Billy Robinson – Squadra RT – 32pts

7th= – Daniel Posnett – Hull Thursday RC/Dave Shackleton – Wilsons Wheels RT – 22pts

9th – Rhys Barratt – 21pts

10th – Matt Beaumont – VC Beverley – 18pts

11th – Rob Hill – Petuaria RT – 17pts

12th – Miles Flather – Wilsons Wheels RT – 16pts

13th – Andy Fainchey – City RC (Hull) – 15pts

14th – Brendan Atkinson – 14pts

15th – Martin Parker – VC Beverley – 13pts

16th – Tony Goundry – Active CP Cycles RT – 12pts

17th – Jason Young – City RC (Hull) – 11pts

18th = Gary Trees – Wilsons Wheels RT/Ben Roberts/Steve Ward – 10pts


1st Junior – Alex Dalton

1st Under 23 – Jacob Trotter

1st Vet – Richard Moore


According to Dave Shackleton himself, he broke away from a strong Squadra RT representation in the Scratch group, caught the group in front and then pulled clear with our own Danny Posnett, working well together.


Dave recalled that when the first group on the road were subsequently caught, and he then attacked from that group, Danny hesitated and Dave was free to fly solo to victory.


Please enjoy this and the other races in the series via the photographs of Craig Zadaroznyj via the link below:


East Yorkshire Road Race League Race #8

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