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East Coast Road Race – 3rd for Neil Dean

The East Coast Road Race at Burton Fleming on Sunday 14th September 2014 is the final LVRC race of the year in our region, so my last chance to get a result. Thanks to Jim Morrison for a really well-organised event.

Exactly 8 weeks beforehand I’d crashed out of the Tour of the Wolds road race at Great Limber after hitting a pothole while taking a drink. This necessitated an ambulance ride complete with flashing blue lights to HRI while encased in a necksupport, hip brace and on a spine board.

Not very comfortable, but I couldn’t really care less after receiving 10ml of morphine.Although my knee and hip were shredded to the bone and I had a very stiff neck,X-rays showed that nothing was broken. So I was patched up and sent home with the expectation that it would take 6 weeks for the knee to heal. Unfortunately inadequate wound cleaning at Hull Royal led to infection which had to be treated with antibiotics.

Weekly trips to various clinics in Hull followed until, 6 weeks after the accident, I was told that the wounds had healed and I could be dressing free. Was that 6 weeks off the bike then?

You must be joking!

I did a 70 mile social ride 2 weeks afterwards which, to be honest, was too far too soon. A week later I did a BC 3/4 race at Wheldrake followed by an LRVC race one week after that. I have to admit being very nervous in both races, spending most of my time at the backworking up the courage to take one hand off the bars to get a drink or a gel out of my pocket.

I like the circuit at Burton Fleming although it usually involves some suffering on the long climb through the finish area. After a neutralised first time up the hill to the start/finish line, it was 6 laps of 7.5 miles for my age group, which usually equates to about 2 hours of racing.

Mandy was there to provide support and was getting some exercise by running round the circuit in the opposite direction to the race. She was in just the right place to see me on the front of a breakaway attempt on the second lap, which proves that I was feeling much more confident about racing again.

Two attempts to get away came to nought and I was really put under pressure on the next climb when others attacked. I managed to hang in and stayed off the front after that. For the riders in my age group it came down to a bunch sprint at the end.

Yet again I was in the wrong place when it kicked off but managed to claw my way into 3rd place on the line.

Neil Dean


The finish of the race is a mile-and-a-quarter up from the village of Burton Fleming in the Yorkshire Wolds.

The climb continues towards Hunmanby before descending down South Dale back to Burton Fleming.

The weather was mild and dry with a slight breeze from the north-west.

Here’s Jim Sampson’s account of the progress at the finish line:

A and B Categories


First lap in 20:15, about 18 riders together led by Mark Dicconson (Hull Thursday RC).

Second lap, the prime lap, timed 17:30. First was Mark Woodgate, 2nd Lee Johnson@ 5 seconds, 3rd Gert Gammelin @ 15 secs Around 13 riders in the bunch led by Karl Martin @ 1’30”. Simon Walter a further 2 minutes back.

Third lap in 19:00. 1st Lee Johns, 2nd Tony Greenhalgh at 25 secs and peloton of 13 riders @ 40 sec. Mark Woodgate, who won the prime last lap was at 3’ 30”.

Fourth lap 19: 40. Bunch of 11 led by Mark Dicconson, Richard Douthwaite and Richard Edmunds. Colin Baldwin dropped out because he thought he had a puncture (only thought he had!).

Fifth lap 18’ 15”. Richard Edwards and Lee Johnson reached the line 35 seconds before a bunch of 12 rides led by Mark Dicconson.

Sixth lap 18:30. Richard Edwards and Lee Johnson still away and Paul Musgrave chasing hard. Peloton is at 2:15 led by Mark Dicconson, Gert Gammelin, Andy Wright and Karl Martin.

Seventh and last lap Edwards and Johnson stayed away; lap time 18:40 and bunch at nearly two minutes.

A and B race 52.5 miles (7 laps) in 2:11:38.



128Richard Edwards49BIn 2:11:38
218Lee Johnson49B@ 2 sec
31040A@ 1’ 52
48Tony Greenhalgh40A@ 1’ 53”
525Martin Coockerill49Bs.t.
612Stephen Ellis49Bs.t.
711Paul Bell45Bs.t.
83Mark Woodgay43As.t.
919Paul Musgrave46Bs.t.
106Paul Hickman44A@ 1’ 55”
1115Gert Gammelin46B@ 1’ 56”
124Richard Douthwaite44As.t.
1317Mark Dicconson48Bs.t.
1422Andy Wright45B@ 2’ 29”
East Coast Road Race 2014

Riders in the East Coast Road Race 2014 crossing the finish line with Thursday’s Neil Dean pictured top-left.

Neil Dean at the East Coast RR 2014 Prize Presentation

Neil Dean being presented with the prize for 3rd in his age group


Thanks to Jim Sampson for the race account.