Mar 29

Jymmy takes the Veterans’ Open ‘10’ TT record

Jim Trevor took the HTRC Vets’ ‘10’ record in the Good Friday ‘10’ promoted annually by City Road Club (Hull).


Jim clocked 20:02 to shave 23 seconds off the record set in 2012 by Neil Cleminshaw.


This record relates to riding the ten miles at an average of 29.95mph from a standing start and as it was done on an out-and-back course where there are also two roundabouts to negotiate half-way round.


Although a mild day for the time of year, remembering it was a March, the slight breeze was from the North West. To be a fast day on the V718 a South Easterly breeze is needed, so it was not a ‘gift day’. It was 4.5 miles of tail wind and 5.5 miles head.


Speaking exclusively for HTRC website Jim commented, “I was really surprised when I got to 8 miles and knew the record was a possibility. From that point onwards I buried myself and left nothing in the tank, absolutely nothing.


“I knew this was my chance to take the record and maybe go over 30mph and do a ’19’. I got the record but not the ’19’. I guess it’s what you would describe as a bitter-sweet result.


“In saying that, when you take a chunk from a modern era record and do a PB you can live with missing the 19” Jim added, “It’s very strange. I’ve been doing all base work training this winter for the BBAR later in the year. I’ve not really focused on the short TT training and this is the reward. I can’t work it out, but I’m happy.”


Jim closed out his discussion with HTRC website by adding, “I fell out with ’10’s after leaving Scotland back in 2013. My ten form had stagnated whilst living in Greece. Two years passed with no progress. I think I have a new interest in ‘10’s now I’m back in the UK.”


Below is Jim in the race HQ at the results board which displays the new record (click to enlarge).


Jim Trevor celebrates his new 2016 veterans' 10 record of 20:02.

Jim Trevor celebrates his new 2016 veterans’ 10 record of 20:02 (click to enlarge).


Congratulations to Jim from the Hull Thursday Road Club committee and all the club’s members.

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