Jul 28

TT Series 2017 – Result of, and points table after Sloop Cup (Standard Road Bikes), Newbald

Please find attached the results sheet from Tuesday night’s event at Newbald.

Well done to all the riders and thanks to the helpers for making Tuesday’s event a success under sunny conditions.

See you st the next event.

I have stated this is a provisional result as Paul Kilvington needs to check it into the Circuit TT database and allocate points, so those official results will follow in due course.

Neil Cleminshaw
Event organiser on behalf of Paul Kilvington

Update from Paul

Attached is the result sheet and the updated points table.

Updated rules – please read carefully

In view of the cancellation of 2 events due to poor weather and with no prospect of rearranging them, the number of counting rides will drop to 8 (eight)

Riders will still need to marshal 3 events (please note marshals not required for the Hillclimb at Spout) – this leaves 3 event to fulfil your marshalling duties.

Please check the table now and make sure you have been given 10 points for any event you have marshalled and let me know if I have missed any scores off (Riders under 18 years of age do not need to marshal but will be credited points as if they had).

Also attached is the provisional start sheet for the next event at Lockington (not Bubwith) on Tuesday 08/08/2017 – please let me know if your plans have changed.

You will note at present we only have 2 marshals listed for the event and need a minimum of 4 for the event to run – please let me know if you can assist.

Paul Kilvington
Time Trial Secretary

Top 10 Results

1. Alex Dalton 19:02
2. Finlay Pickering 19:26
3. Danny Posnett 19:45
4. Steven Guymer 19:53
5. Lee Coulson 20:18
6. Josh Ravn 20:25
7. Adam Jordan 20:35
8. Nick Nettleton 20:56
9. Paul Campbell 21:35
10. Joe Spivey 21:41


TT Series 2017 – Event 12 result


TT Series 2017 – Points table after Event 12