Aug 08

Funeral of Barry Trotter

As you all know we say our final goodbyes to our Bazza on Friday, some of us will be riding behind the car, which will slow down and we will be between the hearse and the two cars.

The funeral will take place at Haltemprice Crematorium on Friday 18th August at 3.30pm and afterwards at the Grange Park Hotel (now Mercure) if you would like to pay your respects.

I have spoken to most of you but if you would like to join us we are meeting at the shell garage on the A164 where Toby Carvery is, about 3pm.

Phil has said there will be someone to watch the bikes at the Crem and the hotel has said we can take them inside. If you would like to do this would you please just send me an email so I can let Phil know how many we can expect.

It’s going to be a very sad day but we will all have very special happy memories.

Cheryl x

Cheryl Ashdown