Mar 25

Procedure for the last minute cancellation of events

Over the last 20 years the Time Trial Secretary has organised over 300 time trials and has only cancelled 8 of those events. In the situation where an event needs to be cancelled all riders entered into the series will be notified using the following procedure.

Riders will be notified at the earliest time possible by:

  • email
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook messenger

Several riders are not on Facebook and therefore in addition I will send them a text message if I get chance. Last week (cancellation) I had not put together a full list for each of the above routes and only sent it by FB Messenger plus a few phone calls and text messages. I will not normally have time to post it on the club website.

Normally I will go to the start and make a decision an hour or so before the start time, but if the conditions are so obviously against us, I make make this call earlier as I see fit. I never make this decision on my own and will always consult 2 or 3 trusted riders/members for their input to a final decision. Cancellation is a last resort but safety is paramount.

Events will only be cancelled if absolutely necessary but I would point out that before every event, and on the day, risk assessment needs to be completed. This takes into account all relevant factors such as weather, traffic, standing water, potholes etc. I have to sign this off and am personally responsible for the decision made.

I have heard (secondhand) of some discontentment that last week’s event was cancelled unnecessarily. To clarify the situation, the course had large amounts of standing water in numerous places with several large potholes obscured from view.

With this in mind, other than dispatching a marshal to cover every pothole, there was no alternative but to cancel the event. Identifying these on the risk assessment and then ignoring the risks and hoping for the best is not an option. Over the last 20 years I have organised over 300 time trials and have only cancelled 8 events. Admittedly, four of these have been in the last 12 months, but that is outside my control.

For information, as it happens, the debate over whether the event should have run or not was academic. There were road works and traffic lights in Sproatley which would have meant the event would have been cancelled even if we had been blessed with 20 degrees and wall-to-wall sunshine.

I know many of you fully understand and support my decisions, and I thank you for this support.
Paul Kilvington
Time Trial Secretary/Club President
Mobile: 07891 073153