May 12

Cleminshaw breaks outright 15 mile club TT record

Neil Cleminshaw breaks the open 15 mile TT Hull Thursday Road Club record with a super-fast time of 31:47 an average speed of 28.316mph.

The previous record set on the A63 of 32:21 was set by Jymmy Trevor in 2014 which improved on Joel Wainman’s Record from when he rode for Hull Thursday Road Club.

To slice 34 seconds off this record on a slower course is a very satisfying achievement and bodes well for the 2018 season.

In sunny 20 degree blustery conditions Cleminshaw battled the cross/head wind out to Howden TI exiting the turn with an impressive 26.8mph average.

Neil recounts, “From then I knew it was all to play for but was unsure how much faster the return leg would be, having to get my average up to the 28mph required to ensure I set a new club record”.

After setting a blistering pace past Eastrington I could see my average approach the magic 28. Gusting side/back winds made light work of Slipper Bridge at Gilberdyke.

Then it was 56×11 time to get it all out to the finish and on the return leg through Newport village, the Strava section later confirmed a 32.5mph average speed.

Neil placed 5th, with the win going to TT legend Adam Duggleby as the only rider to go over 30mph average speed clocking an amazing 29:31 and setting a new record for the V724 Newport/Howden 15 mile course.

The event was scheduled to run on the A63, but changed due to the ongoing TRO issue with the Highways agency, which can only leave us guessing what the times might have been on that super-fast course!

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