Jun 25

2018 TT Series – #9 Gilberdyke result

HTRC TT Series Event #9 – Tuesday 19 June 2018 – Gilberdyke

Here is the result from tonight’s event. Once Paul K is back from holiday, normal service will be resumed with an updated points table etc.

Thanks to Simon Pickering, Simon Jack, Pauline Mitchell and Phil McCormick for helping on the night.


1John Brearley16.2550
2Danny Posnett16.530
3Finlay Pickering16.5747
4Neil Cleminshaw17.0745
5Ben Williams18.0644
6Andy Carroll18.1143
7Ed Walker18.1442
8Andrew Miller18.400
9Adrian Dalby19.0141
10Richard Dean19.0640
11Simon Posnett19.2639
12Dave Jacketts19.4138
13John Savage19.5837
14James Bray20.1136
15Elliot Jackoby20.2435
16Mike Kilgour20.4634
17Chris Devaney21.0633
18Amanda Dean21.1232
19Jill Jameson22.3331
20Peter Hardgrave22.3530
21David Watson27.0729


Neil Dean