Racing Team Rider Profile: Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll

  • Name: Andy Carroll
  • DOB: 28 November, 1973
  • Height: 5’6 3/4” (170cm)
  • Racing Weight: 9st 8lb (57kg)
  • Speciality: Sprinting

And you are:

I’m Andy and I have been a member of Hull Thursday Road Club for a number of years. I enjoy road racing and time trials. I had a bit of a hard time health-wise in 2013, but I am on the mend now and hoping to get back up to full speed and start racing again soon. In 2016 I rode in support of my team mates and maybe got a bit lucky myself.

Bikes you currently ride:

  • Raleigh Avanti for racing bike
  • Boardman Comp (training bike)
  • Argon 18 (TT bike)

Average miles covered in a week:

  • Enough to get the job done. 6 to 8hrs

Goals for this season:

  • Not dying again

Favourite Rider:

  • Gianni Bugno
  • Greg LeMond

Best place you’ve ever ridden:

  • Yorkshire. No place on Earth better.

Favourite thing about cycling:

  • Escaping from the world.

Most embarrassing moment on a bike:

  • Must be going home and saying to your mum that you have crashed your bike and lost some skin from your ball sack.

Memorable achievements:

  • Only won one race, an evening time trial on Beverley bypass and that was a long time ago. (Must try harder)

Recent Racing Team achievements/personal news: