Club Rules

Hull Thursday Road Club Rules 2017


Updated December 2017


1) Composition


The name of the Club shall be HULL THURSDAY ROAD CLUB, and shall be open to persons of either sex. New members shall be approved for membership at any Committee Meeting or the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The objectives of the Club shall be to promote Club Rides, Social Events and Competitions for the benefit of all cyclists.


Club colours are blue, red, yellow and white.

2) Officials


The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of: Club Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Road Race/Track Secretary, Time Trials Secretary, Mountain Bike Secretary, Coach, Magazine Editor, Press/Publicity Officer, Youth Development Officer, Internet Editor, Clothing Officer and a committee of four, all of whom shall be elected annually at the AGM For the purpose of Committee Meetings, six shall form a quorum.


The following non-committee positions shall also be elected at the AGM and may be held by a member in addition to a ‘committee position’ above (auditors excepted): Handicapper, Club Timekeeper, Trophy Custodian, Equipment Manager, Clubroom Secretary, Handbook Co-ordinator, Auditors (2), Delegates to RTTC (2) & BCF (2).


The position of President is an honorary non-committee role to be invited by the committee and reviewed on an annual basis.

3) Officers


No officer of the Club shall serve upon any other committee of a cycling club, President excepted. Nominations for Life Membership shall be submitted to the Club Secretary for inclusion in the AGM Agenda.

4) Subscriptions


The annual subscription shall be £15.00 for members aged 18 to 64 years, £10.00 for Juniors and members 65 years or over, and £5.00 for members under 16 years of age. Subscription rates for families of fully paid-up senior members shall be levied at half rate. This concession does not apply to those who wish to compete in open races.


(a) Subscriptions are due on the 1st January for that year. Any member failing to pay their subscription by the 28 February will be held to have resigned from the club and will be unable to compete as a club member. Applications for re-admission will be at the discretion of the Committee.
(b) A temporary free second claim membership may be granted at the discretion of the organiser of any club event, and this membership will last for the duration of that event only. This privilege will be given only once to any rider.
(c) Committee members will be granted free membership for the duration of their membership of the committee and includes the president (if not already a life member).

5) Financial


The Treasurer’s annual financial statement shall be audited by two non-committee members, who shall be elected at the AGM The Club’s financial year shall be from the 1st January to 31st December inclusive.

6) Championships


Club Championships will be based upon the following regulations:


(a) There will be Time Trial Championships for juvenile, junior, lady, veteran and senior categories. Each rider’s total points for their performance in a maximum of six open time trials at their category shall count towards each Championship. Riders can only compete for the championship of their relevant age group. Age categories shall be as defined in the CTT and BC handbook/rules for the current year.


(i) Points may be gained in Open Events on a basis of fifty for first place down to one for fiftieth place. Only actual placings will count and not placings in prize sub-sections of an event.
(ii) Points may be gained on a half score basis in Interclub, Association, Longmarker, Middlemarker, Shortmarker and similar restricted events. Only actual placings will count and not placings in prize subsections of an event.
(iii) Placings in National Championships shall merit double points down to fiftieth place.
(iv) Winners of each of the above Championships will be the riders with the most points in each section. There shall be a separate award for the overall Club Time Trial Champion. This shall be awarded to the winner of the above championships with the highest overall points total


(b) The Time Trial Best All Rounder Competition shall be based on each rider’s best performances at 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles in club, association or open events regardless of any restriction. Private Trials shall not count. Performances shall be calculated in terms of miles per hour and the average taken of the resultant speeds.


(c) There shall be Road Race Championships for juvenile, junior, lady, veteran and senior categories. Each category will be decided by points awarded in road races: For seniors this will be based on their cumulative total of BC points earned during the current season. The onus is on each rider to ensure the BC accurately maintain their points total. In all other categories this will be on the basis of Twelve points for first place down to one for twelfth. Handicap road races will count on a half point basis. The winners will be the riders with the most points gained in their category.


(d) There shall be Mountain Bike Cross-Country Championships for juvenile, junior, senior and veteran categories for both males and females. Each category will be decided by points awarded in mountain bike races: Twenty points for first place down to one for twentieth. Handicap mountain bike races will count on a half point basis, whilst National Points Series events will score double points. The winner will be the rider with the most points gained in their category.


(e) The Club Senior Best All Rounder Championship shall be based upon a points system whereby the top twelve Time Trialists, the top twelve Road Racers and the top twelve Mountain Bikers are each allocated points on a basis of twelve for First place in the Club Championship Tables down to one for twelfth place. The rider with the highest total will be the Club Senior Best All Round Champion. Only competitors with placings in at least two out of three Championships shall be eligible for this competition.


(f) All performances for inclusion in Club Championships must be notified by the rider to the appropriate racing secretary within seven days of the event. For Club Championship purposes points can be gained during the twelve months ending 7 October. Riders will be required to provide proof of their performances. Only first claim members of Hull Thursday Road Club shall be allowed to represent the club in open events or to win the Club Championships. Only first claim members of Hull Thursday Road Club shall be allowed to serve in any honorary position in the club except President.

7) Club Records


(a) For club record purposes the season extends from 1st January to 31st.
December inclusive, and the performance ranking as the best at the end of the season will be recorded in the Club’s list of records.
(b) Seven days’ notice must be given to the Time Trials Secretary of an attempt accompanied by two copies of the rider’s schedule.
(c) If a rider succeeds in beating the existing record they shall be entitled to a silver medal. Where there is no existing performance recorded – the committee shall agree the record standard.
(d) On all attempts a rider may, instead of using a checking sheet, be checked by a member of the club, subject to the approval of the committee, who shall testify that the rider (or riders) have been at all intermediate turning points, etc., of the course as arranged on the schedule (termed – flying checks).
(e) All record rides must be timed at the start and finish by a qualified timekeeper of the club.
(f) Any member making an attempt on any club record shall pay £5 for each schedule submitted.
(g) Not more than two riders may attempt the 12-hour record or the 24-hour record on the same day. In the event of two riders attempting either of these two records on the same day, there shall be an interval of at least one-hour between the starting times of the riders.
(h) A maximum of three postponements will be permitted on any record schedule without further payment.

8) Alteration


Any alteration or addition to the rules be made at the A.G.M. Notice of such proposed alterations to be handed to the Club Secretary fourteen days prior to the AGM.

9) General


All club rules shall be strictly enforced and abided by. The Committee has the power to decide in cases where not provided for in these existing rules.




1. Rule 6 amended AGM 2005 and AGM 2007. Rule 7 & 8 were incorporated into rule 6
2. Rule 9, 10 & 11 renumbered as rules 7, 8 & 9 respectively
3. Rule 4 (c) added following club AGM 2010
4. Rule 6 i & iii altered after EGM 2013
5. Rule 5 amended, financial year 1st January to 31st December inclusive
6. Rule 4 amended with new rates effective 1st January 2018