Racing Team Coach Profile: Richard Guymer

Richard Guymer

    • Name: Richard Guymer
    • DOB: 16th July 1958
    • Height: 5′ 7 1/2″ (1.715m)
    • Racing Weight: 9st 7lbs (60kg)
    • Speciality: Climbing (when fit)

And you are:

Hi, I’m Richard Guymer, ABCC Level 3 coach to Hull Thursday Racing Team. Work full time as a Building Surveyor. I started cycling in 1972 with City Road Club (Hull), later becoming a life member. I have competed on and off since the age of 13 in time trials, road races, mountain bike races, cyclo-cross, hill climbs and track, and also organised events in most of these disciplines. I even once tried cycle speedway!


Latterly my racing took second place to transporting son Steve around the country and abroad to race first in British Schools events, and then BC and CTT events. Recently he has taken to riding in the French Alps and for two years rode the Alps Open Tour.


Several years ago Jim Sampson threatened to retire and persuaded me to qualify as an ABCC Coach which I did in January 2010, and now I am on the national committee. Local riders might have seen Richard at the winter training sessions organised by himself and Jim Sampson.

Bikes you currently ride:

  • Corratec Race Carbon with full Dura-Ace
  • Focus Cayo Carbon with Ultegra
  • Giant alloy TT bike (nothing special)
  • Graham Weigh alloy carbon track bike

Average miles covered in a week:

  • 150

Goals for 2014:

  • Getting somewhere near my 10 PB!
  • Helping the HTRC Racing Team achieve its goals
  • Being able to spend more time on my bike without worrying about work

Favourite Rider:

  • Jens Voigt
  • and now the 102 year old French gentleman who has just set a new hour record in the over-100yrs age group!

Best place you’ve ever ridden:

  • The French Alps, most notably up the Galibier

Favourite thing about cycling:

  • The people, places and the freedom it brings.

Most embarrassing moment on a bike:

  • Falling off my bike in the 1987 National Hill Climb on Rosedale Chimney organised by HTRC, and having my demise pictured in the Yorkshire Post!

Memorable achievements:

  • Outsprinting Malcolm Elliot in the HTRC road race in 1978 for second place at Walkington on the way to gaining my 2nd Cat licence.
  • Riding 213 miles in my one-and-only 12 hour TT in the Otley 12 in 1980.

Recent Racing Team achievements/personal news: