May 16

Sheffield riders dominate the 2011 road race

Ashley Proctor, a junior from Sheffield, scored a magnificent win in the road race on Sunday and three lads from the Sheff Rec team took three of the places in the first four.


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Their only challenger was Stephen Ellis who also rode a brilliant race. Altogether I reckon the Sheffield lads took £290 home from their efforts; and they earned it.


The a fair west wind making the ascent of Newbald hill favour the rouleurs it was going to be an interesting race right from the start. From quite a few sources I heard that the first lap was hectic, a real blast up the hill which stretched the field over half a mile, the prime being won by Oliver Pearce from Tom Garwell. This squashed the hopes of a number of riders including our own  Andy Carroll who was not having a good day. The lap time was 21’ 15”.


Lap two was a bit more organised but saw quite a few packing. This is where Ashley Proctor, showing his prowess, took the prime from Nicholas Barnes, a little ahead of Mark Jacobi, Oliver Pearce and Steven Bell, it looked as if these five might form a breakaway group. Hull Thursday riders Mark Walker, Neil Dean and Ryan MacLachlan were sitting safely in the bunch not far away and the lap time was 21’ 55”.


A little more local interest on lap three when Pete Fielding-Smith took the prime from Mark Walker, with Gareth Owen trying to bridge from the group up to them. Could we get a local lad winner? The Sheff Trec lads, however, were keeping a wary eye and Mike Hutton brought the peloton back up to them. Now half way round, the lap time was 22’ 10”


On lap four the main contenders began to stamp their authority. Stephen Ellis took the prime on his own, then Ashley Proctor and Alex Mitchell with Mike Hutton blocking any chase by the bunch led by Pete Fielding Smith, Mark Walker, Michael Wright and Ryan MacLachlan. Lap time was 21’ 27”.


The terrain was beginning to take its toll by the end of the bell lap and the strong riders were beginning to move forward, the Sheff Rec lads dominating and eclipsing almost everyone else. Ashley Proctor came up first dropping Stephen Ellis by just over half a minute. The peloton was a further 25 seconds behind and it was just a matter of whether young Proctor could hang on to the finish. Lap time was 21’ 36” (for Proctor of course).


At the finish Ashley Proctor showed that Contador wasn’t the only rider able to ride away from his competitors on this Sunday (the Mount Etna stage in the Giro) and he was able to maintain his lead. There were some very tired legs further down the field but I was surprised that some of the stronger riders didn’t  organise a chase round the valley back into Newbald, no way was anyone going to catch them on the climb. The wind had grown quite strong and it must have been very hard down the valley riding solo. The Sheffield lads had this one stitched up well and congratulation to them all for a super race. Lap time was 22’ 24”.


Karl Downes was the best of the local lads in 7th place and Pete Fielding-Smith and Mark Walker rode a good race as well. It was, perhaps, a bit too far for Ryan MacLachlan’s fitness, he did quite well but I’m sure he’d have done much better a couple of years ago. I think our new secretary Neil Dean did exceptionally well since he only started racing a couple of years ago and he’s no spring chicken.


What should have been an easy race to judge was marred by a couple of cars coming through the finish at the same time as the riders. Only by close scrutiny later on from a video (also marred by people taking pictures and finished riders standing in front of the view of the finish line) was I able to confirm the result. We had missed one young junior from VC Beverley, Paul Rymer, and I was only able to spot him by the bandage on his arm, the one, I suspect, who was assaulted at the Road Race League last Thursday. He looks like being a good lad, and I think is the nephew of Kevin Rymer who used to be in Hull Thursday and recruited some of our best riders some 20 years ago.


Hull Thursday Road Race Result

Sunday, 15th May, 2010


461Ashley ProctorSheff RECJ3in 2:10:50
692Stephen EllisOut of the Saddle3@ 0′ 31″
453Alex MitchellSheff REC4@ 0′ 56″
444Mike HuttonSheff REC4@ 1′ 00″
655Nicholas BarnesZepnat RTJNRs.t.
516Gareth OwenTeam Swift3@ 1′ 05″
487Karl DownesStar Bikes3s.t.
388Mark JacobiPeak Road Club3s.t.
329Michael WrightMiddridge CRT3s.t.
5610Paul RymerVC BeverleyJ4s.t.
4011Peter Fielding-SmithRichardsons RT/Cube3s.t.
6012John DohertyVS Cycles3@ 1′ 11″
2313Tom GarwellDirtwheels Cycles3@ 1′ 17″
2814Sean SmithHalifax Imperial Wheelers3s.t.
6415Chris ClarkYork Cycleworks3s.t.
2916Nicholas WillshireLancs Road Club4s.t.
5017Stephen SwalesTeam Active/CP Cycles RT3s.t.
118Mark WalkerHull Thursday RC3@ 1′ 32″
1019Oliver PearceBoneshakersbikes.com3@ 1′ 35″
2120Lewis JacksonCottingham Couriers3@ 1′ 39″
3421Jason ShiptonMoonglu RT3@ 1′ 41″
5722Julian JudgeVC Lincoln3@ 1′ 50″
1923Paul MusgraveClifton CCV3@ 1′ 52″
7424Ryan MacLachlanHull Thursday RC3@ 2′ 12″
6125John WrightWakefield CC Exponential3@ 2′ 14″
6626John HallPrivate Member4@ 2′ 19″
4127Mark OllerenshawRichardsons RT/Cube3@ 2′ 24″
1528Chris ScottClay Cross RT3@ 3′ 14″
5329Matthew EnticknapTEF/Richardsons RT3@ 3′ 22″
5830Robert WheelerVelo 293s.t.
5431Paul HickmanTEF/Richardsons RT3@ 3′ 25″
332Neil DeanHull Thursday RC4@ 5′ 26″
6733Simon SmithPrivate Member3s.t.
834Paul VokesBatley CC/Hargreaves Cycles3@ 5′ 28″
2235Brad PalmerCottingham Couriers4@ 9′ 08″
5536Paul DropVC Beverley4@ 12′ 28″
4937Antony GoundryTeam Active/CP Cycles RT4@ 13′ 22″
938Joe HinchliffeBBM Revolution4@ 18′ 12″

Jim Sampson