Jan 19

Riding both time trials and road races

Some riders might be worried that by riding a club time trial might affect their performance in a weekend road race…

I have said that riders shouldn’t worry about riding club TTs if you want to train for weekend road races.

For example, if you ride a road race on a Sunday you probably wouldn’t go training on a Monday – you might do a recovery ride though.

You might then ride a club TT on a Tuesday, which has been said is a good work out, however, many riders travel to these nowadays in the car and ride a TT of which some are only about 10-15 miles in length.

Some riders then might not go out on a Wednesday due to riding Road Race League on a Thursday. Again many go out to these in the car. Road Race League events are about 30 miles long.  Some then might not  (for family or other commitments) not go out on a Friday.

This means that you could arrive at the weekend road race having only done about 40 to 50 miles, which is not enough if you are to compete in a road race of 50 to 60 miles.

So, in summary, if you are wanting to compete in road races at the weekends and get some results, by all means ride the TT series on a Tuesday and the road race league on a Thursday, but use these as part of your training (which is what road race league was originally set up for) and don’t worry too much about your results in these.

If you truly want to do well in road races set your goals towards this and include a steady decent length ride in during the week which can be difficult if you want to do your best in TTs on Tuesdays as well as Road Race League on a Thursday.

No one can hold their form all year. You might have 2 or 3 peaks during the season at best. Sort out your goals for the year now (if you haven’t already) and work towards these. If your goal is to do well in the TT series it’s probably not going to do you any good following the same training plan as someone whose main goal is to do well in 40 plus mile road races.

I am definitely not saying that you do not need to be able to time trial if you ride road races, on the contrary being a good time-triallist is of great benefit, especially if it’s a stage race with a TT, or if you want catch a break, or take on a long solo break on your own. But they are very different disciplines; if you want to ride a very fast 10 you need to train differently to some one who wants to succeed in a long road race.

I am happy to help any one achieve their goals whatever they maybe, ie TTs, road races or the track, getting around a sportive or just hanging in there on the club run!


Richard Guymer
Club Coach