Nov 21

Club Run Sunday 16th November

Eight riders left Skidby just after 9:30am heading north into a light breeze with little prospect of getting sunburnt and, according to the weather forecast, about the same chance of getting wet.


Neil Dean, Mandy Dean, Richard Dean, Matt Johnson, Shaun Nicholson, George Leighton and Josh Ravn were joined by guest rider Jonathan Wears. Jon is still studying in Hull and occasionally joins us to demonstrate what being fit actually means. This being his recovery week, he only had to fit in 14 hours of training!


It was going to be a short ride (which in Neil’s terms means less than 70 miles out and back to Skidby) with a lunch stop somewhere near Driffield. Mandy had wrecked legs having been out on the Saturday morning training ride and then time trialled in the afternoon, so she turned off just past Walkington. The rest continued directly towards the Luttons via Huggate, Wetwang and Life Hill before turning south to Cowlam valley and Driffield.


Lunch was taken at the Riverhead Cafe in Driffield, a new location to all except Neil. After a number of full breakfasts had been consumed, George’s excitement at being a car owner became too much and he had to head back home directly down the main road. This was to give him some driving time before it got dark. He failed to understand why the rest of us weren’t quite as excited by that prospect.


Richard and Jon turned off at Wansford while the rest headed back via Hutton Cranswick, Lockington and South Dalton. 65 miles in all from Skidby.


Neil Dean
HTRC Secretary