Dec 02

Mandy’s Day Out

A beautiful day, see photo, a treat for this time of year and the crowds were out. Cheryl and her lads numbered around 10 riders (including Glen … “Where’s my trophy” said Richard) and our group which started with around 13 riders.

Skidby Mill


By Little Weighton we were down to 10 and soon after it could have been 9 as on the climb to High Hunsley I was considering saying it was too tough for me for the start of the day, but decided to see how it went after dropping into North Newbald. Thankfully the flat riding that followed was an absolute joy.

We had an unfortunate accident on the road to Market Weighton as some sharp breaking had me almost mounting Will, George apologising for nearly hitting me and so it went on down the line to Neil D who’s relaxed position on the tops left him unable to brake fast enough and for the third time this year he is bruised and bloodied but like a pro he got back on. We trundled along round Harswell and some other places on flat roads. I enjoyed chatting to most people at some point just loving the sunny conditions (though the roads were filthy and so were we).

At Pocklington we split and the band of +70 milers continued: Mark W, Neil C, Steve G and Shaun; whilst George, Will, Matt, Ryan, Neil and I headed for the café. After the stop it was starting to cloud over but still good conditions. We returned via Londesborough, Kiplingcoates, Etton etc. As we hit the little hills Ryan was finding his lack of miles and brute of a bike (he had a rack on it) was making it hard going. Matt, Will and George were tired from yesterday’s 50 miler on the other hand, at around 50 miles Neil suddenly found he felt very comfortable sailing away up the ‘little stinker’ just before Bishop Burton. I ‘attacked’ every hill so that I was closer to the top when the lads sauntered past and enjoyed myself. Feeling sorry for me on a sprint for the Cherry Burton sign, Will managed to lead me out, just taking George, then Matt (who had eased off after ensuring he had a wheel on George). I couldn’t pass Will of course.

This made it a 50 mile round trip from Skidby Mill. For Neil and I 60 miles which was great.

Mandy Dean