Jan 31

Hull Thursday nostalgia

A bit of Hull Thursday nostalgia for you all courtesy of Ron Nozedar, and a chance to have a look at life in the club over the years.

Beryl Forester is also posting nostalgia on our Facebook which is great – thanks Beryl and Ron. If any other members have old prints they can photograph and post on HTRC’s Facebook, or send to website@htrc.co.uk I will start a nostalgia section to run alongside the club Milestones page. (Website Editor)

Christmas in the 50s

A group of members at the 1953 Christmas dinner and a ticket for the 1952 edition.


Xmas Dinner 1952

Xmas Dinner 1952 – click to enlarge


Note the price, and that included a raffle prize donated by the cafe owner. How things have changed!

Front Cover of Scene – Boxing Day Spooky 10, 2004

Scene Cover Jan-Feb 2005

Scene Cover Jan-Feb 2005 – click to enlarge


Regards to all,

Ron Nozedar