May 16

Photos from the Road Race League Event #1

Just a few pics from EYRR #1 2015 at Sproatley. A great night from a marshalling perspective as the weather was fab (sunny, dry, slight westerly breeze) and the racing fast, noisy and furious.

Feedback from some of the riders who were asked to comment consisted of:

  • “Fast, very fast” – some riders averaging over 30 mph – having witnessed the race it certainly did look quick
  • “Foul language” – unnecessary foul language near the end of the race, is not needed. Stamp it out! Come on, we’re gentlemen/ladies aren’t we?
  • “Elbows” – one rider was observed sticking out their elbows to almost the width of the road (I may be exaggerating a lot here) – whoever it was, try pressing the pedals harder next time!

Photos of EY Road Race League #1 at Sproatley (Mike McAllister)


Mike McAllister
HTRC Member and marshal on the night

Website Editor – You will have to wait for the reports from road races as these are destined to appear separately in Road Race Secretary Mark Walker’s new Scene publication.