May 17

‘The Hawk’ holds second place in YCF Spoco League

‘The Hellenic Hawk’ Jim Trevor, has been representing the club in the Y.C.F. Spoco Series completing all four of the early season events and is currently very highly placed in the tough season-long series.

The YCF Spoco events are all competed within the county of Yorkshire, with one event to date covering the local roads in the Sledmere area, and the other three events all circumnavigating the same very hilly circuit near to Ilkley.

When written Jim was holding second place in the series league table, behind the very strong and dominant veteran racer Blair Buss of Team Swift.

Blair is defending his 2014 title as the YCF Spoco Champion.

To date Hull Thursday Road Club riders have never taken any honours in the YCF Spoco which has been running for the last three years, so let’s all encourage Jim to fly the Thursday colours strongly.

The series continues throughout the season with the final event being the Scarborough Paragon Hilly ‘10’ on the V415, which being quite local may be of interest to other Thursday members who enjoy Time Trials on country lanes rather than the traditional highways and dual carriageways.


YCF SpoCo 2015 table after 4 events

YCF SpoCo 2015 table after 4 events