Jun 02

Racing Team & Kit Rebate Scheme

The club has an active race team who are riding in a new kit for the 2015 season. The team does not have an outside sponsor, and the club is subsidising the new race kit for team members. The rules that apply for the subsidy are set out below.

This rebate scheme is in addition to the incentive scheme that covers some of the race entry costs for all first claim members riding open events.

Racing Team & Kit Rebate Scheme rules:

The kit in question is the black, white and red kit registered with British Cycling for the first time at the start of the 2015 racing season.



The new ‘Racing Team’ black, white and red kit modelled by Mark Walker


There will be a limit of 15 riders in the racing team. There could be fewer than 15, but there will not be more. Only members of the racing team will be allowed to order the black, white and red kit (see note). There are additional eligibility criteria for the kit rebate.

Entry to the team is by invitation or application. Applications must be made in writing to the Road Race Secretary or the Time Trial Secretary, and approval will be required by the committee.

Applications will only be accepted with sufficient evidence of intent to compete in open events. Each rider must have an up to date licence where required and have pre-entered 10 open events (the club’s TT series and EYRRL cannot be counted) in one calendar year before being considered for the team. If applying after July, this number will reduce to 7. Open events will fall under the following disciplines: road racing, time trialling, mountain biking, track racing and cyclo-cross racing. BMX, cycle speedway and sportive events are excluded.

At the end of each season, the status of all members of the team will be reviewed. A lack of commitment or poor behaviour will result in a recommendation that individuals are removed from the team. Results will not be factored into the decision Removal of someone from the team must be approved by the committee.

Each member of the team is required to volunteer to help with the major events weekend (Beverley circuit races and Big G). Failure to do so will result in rebate been refused for that rider unless a valid excuse is supplied.

Riders will pay 100% of the cost of the kit in the same way as any club member buys kit. They will receive a 50% rebate (up to the maximum values below) in the following year on the date of the HTRC road race provided the following criteria are met:

  • They are still a first claim member
  • Have ridden at least 10 open events (organised under BC, TLI, LVRC or CTT rules) as a first claim member during the relevant season. If a rider is not eligible for the scheme until on or after 1st June, the required number of rides is reduced to 8. For events to be counted, the black, white and red team kit must have been worn.

The maximum value of rebate is:

  • £250 in the first season of racing as an eligible rider
  • £150 in subsequent seasons

Please note: If a first claim member of HTRC who is not a racing team member wants to enter a BC race then, if they are 3rd cat or above, they will be able to buy the required kit but will not be eligible for a rebate.