Jul 06

Jim Trevor smashes open ‘100’ TT record

Jim Trevor, the ‘Hellenic Hawk’, annihilates the vets open TT record for ‘100’ miles taking 15 minutes from Gil Foston’s previous time and slices two minutes from Vic Smiths overall senior record which has stood for 39 years being set in 1976.

3:47:56 (26.3 mph average)

Jim recorded 3 hours, 47 minutes, 56 seconds, which relates to 26.3mph average for the 100 miles held on the roads to the South of Middlesbrough, on the course coded as T1002 by the CTT/RTTC. The previous vets’ record stood at 4:02:26, and the overall record 3:50:37. The event promoted by Stockton Wheelers will be the National ‘100’ championship next year, again using the T1002 course, which navigates from Cranthorne, climbing to Osmotherly before descending and turning at Dishforth to return past the high spot of Osmotherly to turn at Cranethorne for the second 50 mile lap, totalling 100 miles.


Jim Trevor time-trialling

Jim Trevor in time-trialling action earlier this year.


Four hours of torture

Speaking exclusively to HTRC website after the event Jim commented, “I’ve targeted this event all season and sacrificed short distance speed to be able to ride 4 hours at a good intensity. At times it seemed like gambling the whole season on a single event, but it has paid off. Those who have ridden ‘100s’ know it is the hardest TT distance of all. You have to ride near to the rivet for 4 hours. It’s mentally and physically hard. You’ve all the normal things to consider and you have to feed and drink as well. At this intensity you don’t want to feed, but you have to force yourself or you just won’t have the power in the later stages of the event. Riding 100 miles solo at over 26mph average is painful. Yeh, just short of four hours of torture. All of your body hurts. Nowhere escapes the pain.”

Demolished it

When the HTRC website editor asked Jim to comment on breaking the records he commented, “My feelings are two-fold on the records. Vic Smith recorded 3hrs 50mins on a 1970s 10 speed road bike with toe straps and no aero kit. Vic Smith is a legend, probably the best senior TT rider ever to wear HTRC colours. My new record set with aero kit, cycle computers as well as modern gels and drinks is difficult to be seen as the same as his. But my time it is the fastest ever so I’ll take it. On the other hand Gil’s record was set in the modern era with decent kit, aero equipment and modern food and drinks. I knew when I turned a vet I could beat Gil’s record if I set my mind to it. This season I did set my mind on it and I did not only beat it, I demolished it, taking 15 minutes from it. That’s a massive chunk. It feels good, real good.”

The real test

When questioned on the BBAR, Jim commented, “We’re off to a good start with a 1:54 ‘50’ and 3:47 for ‘100’. But the real test for the BBAR will be the ‘12’ (hour). I’m going to try the Swift ‘12’ near Pocklington. I’ve lined up 80s local BBAR legend Andy Fisher as well as my daughter to assist with feeding and mechanical support. Fingers crossed for some reasonable weather.”

HTRC website will offer exclusive reports on our very own BBAR contender post Swift ‘12’.

Congratulations to Jim from the Hull Thursday Road Club committee and all the club’s members.