Jul 30

Unseen photo of Billy Holmes unearthed

Clive Mathias has contacted the club and offered a superb photo of both himself and Billy Holmes competing in the Welsh Championships in 1957.

Clive explains, “I have a photo of Billy Holmes riding in the Welsh Championship 120 mile road race in 1957.”

I don’t know who took the photo.

Billy Holmes - from Clive

The 120 miles race was the Welsh Championship held in Ogmore by Sea near Bridgend in South Wales in 1957 I think.

The same circuit was the venue for the Commonwealth Games – held in Cardiff in 1958 – won by Ray Booty.

I don’t know all the names of the group in the photo. The first three, which of course included Billy, were not local.

I think the third rider was a Scot, and I am hanging on at the back. I was a member of Cardiff Byways.

Alongside me, to my right, is a name I should remember as he represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games. His name was Chris – his surname escapes me – He was a member of the Acme Wheelers of the Rhondda Valley in South Wales.

The race was a great day. Having a legend among us made it special. I wish I could say that he won the race but I don’t remember who won.

Clive Mathias

Many thanks to Clive for taking the effort to send this in. Images like this are a valuable link to the past exploits of great riders who made our sport what it is today.

Chris Brown
website editor