Mar 16

London – Edinburgh – London Audax event, call for support

Dear Hull Thursdays friends


I am writing to ask for your help recruiting the team needed to make the London Edinburgh London (LEL) audax happen this August.  As you may have seen in Cycling Weekly, we’re hoping that cycling clubs along the route will encourage their members to get involved in the event which only happens every few years.  Might you be willing to put the call out to your members through your regular communications or on the Facebook page?


LEL 2022 will involve around 2,000 riders from around the world attempting the 1,500km round trip in under 125 hours.  It’s a test of roadcraft and determination and, above all, it’s a celebration of the cycling community  – both on the road and among the army of volunteers who run LEL and who bring the event to life.


In fact, it is the volunteers who create much of the atmosphere and keep the ethos of the event alive. We have people cooking meals, supervising dormitories, fixing wheels, guarding bike parks, dispensing sympathy and much more.  Because so many of our helpers come from the cycling family, there is fantastic camaraderie amongst the teams of strangers that we bring together.  And as cyclists themselves, our helpers are well placed to understand what a weary rider needs to eat or hear just to keep them going a little bit longer. For a bit of insight into the experience here is a piece on the Cycling UK Website: https://www.cyclinguk.org/article/volunteers-needed-london-edinburgh-london


The event starts on Sunday 7 August and winds its way smack bang through your home territory, visiting 13 control points up and down England and Scotland (you can see the route on the LEL website). We’re looking for people who are can help out for a few hours during busy times or are willing to get involved for longer; especially during the week. We welcome individuals (who quickly find themselves in a team which will include supporters from around the world) or groups of friends or team mates. Whilst most of the roles require little more than a desire to be involved, we can make good use of extra skills such as languages, mechanics, drivers and even social media know how.


If people are interested they can register on the LEL website at https://londonedinburghlondon.com/volunteer – it could the start of a great adventure and some amazing new friendships!


It would be brilliant if you were able to bring this to the attention of your members and I look forward to meeting some of them in August (either as riders or helpers). I should of course be very happy to explain more if anyone wanted more information.


Many thanks






Liam FitzPatrick

Web: https://londonedinburghlondon.com/

London Edinburgh London is a not for profit audax event run by volunteers. In 2022, 2,000 riders from around the world will attempt to complete the 1,500km ride in under 125 hours, supported by an army of volunteers. It is not a race but a celebration of stamina, personal resilience and community spirit.